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Fandom colors
The first is big bang Second is super junior Next one it txvq Next is shinee Next is girls generation Next is f(x) Next is bangtan boys Next is exo Next is got7 Next is vixx One question is there a fandom with the color gray
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Wow! Cool. we are missing VIP BIGBANG
a year ago·Reply
@luna1171 the sea of Yellow was the VIP fandom in the first pic
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward OH MY GAAAAD.. how I couldn't read that??! duuuuh!?.. Lmaooo!!! I just read next next next..hahaha
a year ago·Reply
@luna1171 lol it took me five minutes to recognize that was the vip
a year ago·Reply
@Cassierchiqua I am sure of that as well... Orange, Idk whose ocean it is but I know it isn't BTS's...
a year ago·Reply