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Hello my Z warriors!!

The following contest is and elimination Tag Team Match! The only way to win is to beat both of your opponents by ether pin fall or submission! There will be no disqualification and no count outs!

Son Goku is not aloud to go past his Super Saiyan form but Broly can be at Legendary Super Saiyan. There is no time limit! Arena: WWE Summer Slam, Brooklyn, Ny!

This is obviously just for fun everyone so try not to take it to seriously! Have fun with it! Who will win? How would they win? Will there be a soul survivor? Will there be a comeback win? Who eliminates who? Have fun with this and tell everyone in the comments!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to rock ten dragon!

@Animefreak484 ok I understand now thank you
@Animefreak484 lmao you're funny
@SonTyler Dora came in from the crowds and instant KO'ed Goku and Broly with a chair
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