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So my mom had ordered me a new bed last week. It had finally came yesterday and the people that delivered my bed came into my room to put it up for me. Now, on my phone I have a bunch of different kpop ringtones. A different song or noise for every person. Usually when people come in my house I put my phone on silent so my ringtones dont scare them ( because my ringtones are literally weird as hell). But since they came so early I forgot to do that. While the guys were in my room putting the bed up, my notifications went off... my ringtone for notifications is Chen's famous dinosaur yell thingy. When it went off I started panicking and thinking " oh shit they're gonna think I'm weird for having some guys scream as my ringtone" But guys I shit you not,one of the guys stopped what he was doing and was like " Was that Chen?" and the other guys was like " I think so" then they both just look at me and i don't know how to piece the whole situation together... so moral of the story, keep your volume up when the delivery guys come..
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@Al0Al @JackieG1617 @strawberrylover nothing really happened after because they had to finish their work and leave to the next place, but they asked if I was a kpop fan and obviously I said yes and they said they were too, and that one ( I'm guessing they are Multi-Fandom like me) of their favourite groups was exo and that's how they knew that my ringtone was chen
@IGot7Forever ooww wowww but that was still pretty coo though, that instead of judging you they actually enjoyed it too 馃槀
My daughter is making a mix cd for the girl that does her hair, as Ang found out she likes kpop and has no cds.
I can't seem to stop laughing