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What is your favorite anime opening/ending ?
Papi won't judge! And sorry I haven't been on for awile but I'm back !
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Mm had an amazing opening and ending @YuiKurata
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Tokyo ghoul unravel/ glassy sky / seija tachi/kitsetsu wa tsugitsugi shindeiku;fairy tail-masuyame chasimg/believe in myself/ never end tail/strike back/don't think feel/oshita wo narase;mirai nikki- flament/kuusou mesorogii/blood teller;noragami - kyouran hey kids/nirvana/hotariraizu and many more
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I love the Tokyo Ghoul unravel and as for the ending I really love the song at the end of naruto's first bunch of episodes, I don't know the name of it though.
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Idk, but one of my favorites is Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul
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Problem Children Black t White
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