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Naruto has proven time and time again that he can break limits. His never-give-up mentality has carried him through so much. he was my anime hero for the longest time. I've learned so much from him
there are so many things that you learn from this. this is one of the top things that Narutos taught me that I will never forget.
however, there's only so much people can handle. Even someone like Naruto has a limit. And I finally found what that limit is.
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He's the bravest ninja out there. And my first and favorite hero till the end. ❤️
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believe it
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That rasengan part was nothing, it didn't even poked me 😂
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@KabutoYakushi so Naruto doung nothing knocks you on your butt so bad that even with your healing abilities, you were unable to move for a while cause you body was too damadged? Man, i respect Naruto even more now. lol.
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