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My all-time favourite savoury snack. Get the recipe here:
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@thewanderer uhhh all my favorite things in there!! meat and vegetabless all at once!!! thank you for the recipee!! <3
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uhhhh love the tiny bit siezessss! @thewanderer are the small enouf to be bite size appetizersss?
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@curtisb can't really taste the celery, it just look better if the filling has some 'greens' on it. @miranpark88 thanks!! @kristenadams I made this in a medium size spring rolls.. i have no patience making the mini ones.
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@thewanderer do you know which one is your next recipeeee?? i can't wait to see them so i can try themm!!
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@thewanderer makes sense, I never remember to think about presentation!
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