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안녕하세요! Our lovely @kpopandkimchi has proposed a challenge for us here in the kpop world. You can see the card here.
So as you can see, both handwritings are very sloppy, but hey at least it's readable! #Doctor'sHandwriting I've decided to use what @kpopandkimchi had suggested, but added just a tiny extra thing of my own. If you can't read it (and I don't blame you if you can't because I mean look at it, chicken scratches), it's says 안녕하세요 친구 (annyeonghaseyo chingu/hello friend).
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@Mavis2478 right right, it makes sense. At first I was like that too, but then when I started learning Korean, my Korean got sloppy whoops haha 😂 and 안녕하세요 마비스야! 타이스 입니다 👋👋👋
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@Taisa sorry, i'm still learning😊
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@Mavis2478 its okay, don't be! I'm also still learning. Let's study hard, fighting!
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@Sungcandoit 안녕하세요~!!
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