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just sharing with you all my kpop merchandise so far ❀ so i have bts young forever album bts shirt got7 shirt exo love me right album bap matrix vixx chained up both Versions day6 album nd monstax rush album nuest rebirth album and exoluxion exo lightstick and teentop lightstick i actually lost my bap lightstick sadly i cant find it
my bts young forever album I have kookie Polaroid jin postcard Yayy nd the poster too i love love Love this album soooooooooo muchhhh ❀
my vixx album both versions i have ken on one version and hongbin and hyukkie on the 2nd one i love this album both versions i am soooooooooo glad i bought both lol ❀
My monstax rush album i actually watch the mv making and photoshoot making of this album and i always wanted it so when i finally bought it made me super happy and i have my bias wonho ❀
my exo love me right album as soon as i got this i jumped scream lol nd i have lay post card Lol nd i absolutely love love Love this album soooooooooo much i always wanted it lol now i am going to order the monster one lol soon ❀ love exoo
My nuest Rebirth album Omgeee Omgeee Omgeee this album made me a huge nuest and i have gorgeous Ren photo ❀ i actually bought this just bcs a girl i knew bought it too lol but then after having it i became super curious abt them lol now i am a huge nuest fan i am a proud and happy l.o.^.e fighting Nuest
my day 6 album i absolutely love love this album soooooooooo muchhhh ❀ i am soooooooooo glad i have it nd i bought it lol Yayyy
my 2 favorite shirts bts shirt and got7shirt i am going to got7 new York concert so i cant wait to wear that shirt lol ❀
i actually cdnt take pictures of my bap album bcs some guest came lol so for now i will share some of pics from their New York city concert that i took myself lol i will edit the card after nd share the bap album or i will share the bap album separately enjoy all thanks for checking out my card ❀
I'm got the Jin Dope card
@JaxomB yup nd he is my bias β€πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ lol nd my kookie baby Polaroid soo cutte lol
So jealous! You got a day6 album!