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I know this is a SUPER unpopular opinion so i am just gonna say it. I can't stand CL, Song Jihyo, and Amber. I just don't see the appeal these people have. 1. CL is trying too hard to be the "baddest female" so she seems so fake to me. I tried to like her but she seems so fake I just can't. She is also the reason I don't like 2NE1 (yes I would prefer if minzy stayed and she left). 2. Song Jihyo's voice sounds whiny to me and if you have seen Running Man she is rude yea she is the "ace" but she is sooo full of herself it gives me migranes. 3. Amber is a tom boy which I honestly don't care about but what else is she? her ENTIRE character is based on her refusal to wear a dress and it surprises me that people aren't bored with that yet. Amber has a flat one dimentional character that has NOTHING new to bring to Kpop. There I said it and God almighty does it feel good to finally get that off my chest. If you don't agree that's fine I just think that they are all OVERRATED.
Look you have a right to your own opinion but I have to say that your opinion of Amber is fucked up. Yes she's a tomboy, yes she doesn't wear dresses. She's said before she gets a lot of hate for being a tomboy and that she's tried the whole dress thing but it's just too uncomfortable for her. She's a sweet person who, yes is friends with all your biases because she gets along really well with people, she is a people person. But calling someone fucking "one dimensional" because she doesn't wear dresses is fucked up. I NEVER wear dresses so am I one dimensional? Am I boring? You wouldn't know that because you don't KNOW me. She has NOTHING new to bring to Kpop? Tell me one person who does. What's something anyone else brought to Kpop? Not every fucking idol needs to bring something new to Kpop. I can't believe you could say that about someone with no remorse what so ever. Have you seen some of f(x)'s 4Walls performances where Amber is TRYING to be more girly because people like you are shitheads towards her. I mean jesus fucking christ.
I know we are all entitled to our opinions. Even though you don't like an idol you shouldn't hate on them because they are not your ideal kinda person. Everyone is different and unique. Amber is my female UB because of what she does not what she looks like. She donates to charities she helps people without expecting anything in return. I fell for Amber not for her looks but for who she is and what she does for fans. Ambers tomboy look isn't her character it's the real her it's who she is. Not cause a company wants her to dress like that. It because it's her preferred style. We are entitled to our opinions but we should give a opinion respectfully not spread hate. That's not what true Kpop fans do. We will have ones we don't like but we shouldn't hate on them cause it makes us look bad and disrespectful. That's just my opinion.
1) CL has gain the title of baddest female, she is not fake, if you want to see more sides to her why not check out some tv shows were she's the guest, why bring in 2ne1 and minzy in this if the one your talking about it CL 2) Jihyo is so nice and it's Not Rude, she takes care of the guest and treats them nicely, maybe try watching other episodes of running man and you'll see what I mean, her voice my sound whiny to you( that's your problem we don't need to know about) 3) Amber is tombyish that's her style, pretty sure you have your own style, and you wouldn't like people judging you for it, Amber is honest and she's always her self, please don't say that her character is based on her not wanting to wear a dress, because that's just her being her Please don't judge by just appearance and try to learn more about them before you judge them
Please no longer tag me in any of your cards. Thank you.
@MaeLyn Admittedly, I also had a burning feeling in my chest after reading what she said about Amber. After reading your comment, I felt kind of relieved that I wasn't the only who got bothered by that part... Also, Amber likes to keep it real and voice out her thoughts, which I think is something more people should do...she's actually really relateable compared to some of the other girl members, which I guess throws some people off at the same time too because you might be thinking "I can be her too"...but...ehh...opinions (>.<)
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