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WARNING: mature content Please do not scroll down unless you are above the age of 19. Reader discretion is advised Summary: Reader+bias in bedroom alone. This kind of sums it up basically.
There you were, lying on your bed, your robe completely undone, you weren't wearing anything underneath your robe, completely naked, as you were on your phone and waiting for someone to clean your room. As you were on your phone, suddenly out of nowhere, your bias walks in your room wearing a robe as well, not wearing anything underneath. He takes his robe off forcefully as if he was determined to make you his. You drop your phone, out of shock, trying to avert your eyes from looking at him and your super hairy buns as you are kissed on the neck by him as he gets on your bed while kissing your neck. You moan and groan silently out of pleasure as he moves his lips from your neck to your lips, kissing you oh so passionately with both his eyes closed. You close your eyes as well, but you were squinching them out of disgust so you start hitting him, but that does not make him stop, rather he grinds on top of you as he moves his dick inside your hole and as he does it, with his super hairy hive just as hairy as yours, you yell for mercy but he doesn't stop making love to you. Instead, you turn him over so that he is on the bed instead of you and you were hovering over him kissing his neck and applying his plastic wrap over his dick and pulling it tightly on the side very quickly as it snaps onto his dick and he yelps out of pain and jumps out of shock. You continue to kiss his neck as he was still, enjoying you squeezing the life out of his with your hole and his plastic wrap over his dick. You sit up and grind on his hips very slowly as if you were grinding with him on the dance floor at a club deep within the city. He sat up, kissed your lips and brought you back down to the bed as you two were making out and having coitus at the same time. It hurt for you as you were in pain trying to endure the pain for him as he enjoyed it so much, he was pleased and satisfied with the feeling of you on top of him and he was enjoying the pleasure of having coitus with you. He then turned you over and he was making out with you liked he owned you and trapped you so that you couldn't escape this painful situation and he just wanted to take you down that time. As you two were still making out, the doorbell rang and you both stopped, stood up and put your robes on, and cooled yourselves off after that wild intercourse session. You told him to wait in your room as you opened the door to see who it was. It was your housekeeper and you let her in so that she could clean the house. You handed over a jacket, sweatpants, and clogs to him and told him that he needed to go home and that you would go with him wearing the same thing. You both put the sweatpants, the jacket, and clogs on and walked out of your house towards his place and you did it again.