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So following suit with my other winkonic cards here is an short one shot with Nam Taehyun.
" Noona why do you always get to pick the movie!" Tae whined wrapping his arms tightly around my waist pulling me backwards against him. " Because you love me and think I pretty." I gloated as he kissed my neck softly. " You are way more than pretty Noona." He purred near my ear trying to get his way. " Tae we are still watching the notebook." I laughed as he pulled away pouting. " Ugh! I get to pick the next movie at least." He sighed as I quickly put the movie in. " Nope you can't cuddle with me anymore." He laughed moving away as I tried to lay next to him.
" But I need my Tae cuddles." I pouted as he only shook his head trying to get his way. " Not unless we put on a different movie otherwise no cuddles all night." He smiled triumphantly knowing he had won this battle. " Ugh no fair Tae Tae hurry and put something on then." Sighing I crossed my arms just as he quickly pulled me into his arms. " The only thing I want to watch is how the lights dance in your eyes." He smirked pulling my face towards his softly kissing my lips while pulling our bodies closer together.
" You are such a cheese ball." I laughed smacking his arm as I playfully nibbled on his lip. " I'm about to be fondue because you make me melt." He laughed at his horrible pun shaking his head. " I question why I love you sometimes." I smiled sticking out my tongue as a smirk appeared on his face. " Because I am the best thing since sliced cheese." He continued the horrible cheese joke with a grin. " Shut up and kiss me idiot." I laughed pressing my lips against his with a laugh. " I love you so much my princess." He smiled before deepening the kiss as the movie became a distance thought in the back of our minds.
@Sammie99522 They are! 😂😂 Those gifs you chose too, so adorable!
@xoxorittie 😂😂 I thought they were great
Taehyun!! He's so precious. I was dying at all those puns 😂😂
this diva!!
@EWillsea He is from winner
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