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Oh kookie.❤❤ Idol watching idol animes.
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@Animezkpopgirl if your talking about the anime then its called "Love Live"
2 years ago·Reply
@may99 both actually! So thank you very much!!!
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Actually, the anime's full name is "Love Live! School Idol Project". It's my fave anime. Also, I can't believe that Jungkook actually knows that because Seokjin watches that. And omg, me and Jin both have Nico as our fave anime character!
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@HopeLia thanks for correcting me.😁 I only knew part of the title. I never seen the whole thing, I only saw parts of the anime cause my sister watches it.
2 years ago·Reply
@may99 No problem. Actually, the title you gave was also correct since most people also call it "Love Live" for short. It's just that if you search it up, there are times that if you only type in "Love Live" instead of the whole name, there are other things that pop out that's not related to the anime.
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