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Part 11: _ * _ * _ * "OH MY GOD!!" I woke startled. Jumping up hitting someone's head with mine. "Ow~!" I whined. "Hey, you hurt me!" I recognized that voice... "Alex!" I said hugging her earning a giggle. We continued laughing until we heard a groan. 'Right, Yoongi's here.' I climbed on top of him shaking his soldiers. "Yoongi~! Wake up we have school!" I looked at the clock on my bedside and saw it read 8:00. "SHIT! YOONGI GET UP WE'RE LATE!" I screamed pulling him off the bed. "SHIT!" Yoongi scrambled up going to the living room I assumed for his clothes. I turned hearing Alex laughing. "What?" I asked. "You guys are cute." she smiled pulling clothes out for me to wear. "Now hurry and get changed, we'll all be late together." Before I could reply she closed the door to my room, leaving. _ * _ * _ * "MS. Y/L/N, MS. RAMOS, AND MR. MIN YOU ARE LATE!" Mr. Soojung called as we entered the classroom panting. All eyes on us and I could see Yoongi's friends trying to hold in their laughs. We were going to hear about this later. "Sorry, Mr. Soojung. We stayed up late because I just got back last night from visiting my father." Alex said innocently. "Won't happen again." "It better not, go find your seats." "Yes, sir." We said in union. _ * _ * _ * It was lunch and Alex and I decided to walk around by ourselves and ended up on the rooftop. We bumped passed a kid named Yibo who always seemed to be with some girl. "Sorry." he mumbled barely audible before leaving. "How was your time with your dad?" "Great, he said he wants you to come with me next time." she chanted nonchalantly. I laughed a little. Ever since what happened between her, my parents, and me, her parents had treated me as if I was always with them. Of course since Alex was their daughter she came first but that made me even happier. I don't think I deserve to be equal to her. She herself is probably the best person in the world, she opened my eyes to what was going on around me and ended up being the reason I got out. "If he insists." We chuckled together. "Seriously though, what did you guys do?" "He took me the range to finally help me sharpen my aim and then we did basic father daughter stuff." She said before reaching into her pocket. "Here!" she handed me a golden braclet with my initials made out of tiny diamonds. "I asked him if we could get you one while we got one for me." "Thank you, Alex! You really shouldn't of. You know I can't get you anything in return." "No problem. I thought you should have something important to always keep with you." She said putting it on me. "Plus, if Yoongi hurts you I'm always here to help you cut him into pieces!" We giggled and kept talking about anything and everything until the bell rang. "Time for another class, ugh." I sighed as Alex pulled me to the stairs. "Come on." she rolled her eyes. _ * _ * _ * We sat in our seats as the teacher came in. "Hey." Yoongi whispered. "Yeah?" "Where did you go?" "I went to the roof with Alex to catch up." "Okay..." "What?" I asked he seemed sad. "I want to know when we should tell the guys. I wanted to at lunch but you left and never came back." "Sorry." I gave a sympathetic look. "We can tell them after school." His face lit up. "It's fine. Want to see if Alex can come get pizza with us?" I covered my mouth to stiffle a giggle. "Sure." We turned back to face the teacher, catching up on notes we barely caught. _ * _ * _ * Yoongi and I held hands as we walked with his friends and Alex and as expected we earned reactions from all but Alex after all she knew. "And when did this happen?" Jin questioned, gesturing to our hands earning a laugh from Alex. "Wait. You didn't tell them?" "I kind of... was waiting until we got to the pizza plae." Yoongi said scratching his head. "So?" Hoseok said. "Explain." Jimin demanded, the others nodding in agreement. "Yesterday after school he asked me out and I said yes." I stated bluntly. "That's it?" Taehyung asked. "Yep. What were you expecting? Some grand parade?" I questioned. "No, just i dont know... something more?" Namjoon shrugged. "Sorry to disappoint." Yoongi mumbled as we entered the shop. "It's okay, hyung. I'll show you how to ask out a girl." Jeongguk said before quickly adding, "the right way." earning a laugh from everyone. "Shut up, brat." Yoongi said playfully earning more laughter. You know what's funny? I thought it would forever be Alex and me... but I guess I can get to know a few more. But my walls will be forever up, only a few allowed inside. _ * _ * _ *
A/N: 미안해! I know I haven't updated in a while. I meant to but I had some family stuff going on along with school stuff, btw I passed all my exams! All with As and one B(Spanish; I didn't study bc im dumb like that, lol) I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Did you get the reference to 'Should We Hold On?' ? Let me know what you think and I'll update more as soon as I can, maybe later tonight... maybe.


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