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Comment what I missed and check the comments to see if someone put a song to hear. Lets discover music together!
*Picture googled from playbuzz
U-Kiss came out with "Stalker" this week and the song has a very tough feeling to it. The beat of the music is very repetitive with not much fluctuation so it's easily stuck in your head.
MFECT released "Just You" this week. The song almost surprised me because the beginning says "Leggo" so I'm expecting a hip-hop based song but the song is very bright sounding.
Boys 24 ,considered the male "Produce 101", released "Rising Star" which sounds like an anthem type of song. It varies a lot throughout the song in mood. At the beginning of the song I thought they were just showing a lot but there are many boys in this video.
Double S 301 released "Ah-ha" and the song sounds very hardcore pop if I were to put it in words. The song feels like a mixture of hip-hop and pop. It is very suitable as a party style song as well.
EXO has made their comeback and one song is "Monster" which has a 'transformer' feeling (Not their song "Transformer"). Its instrumental is heavily hip-hop based and classical based in a small part of the song.
EXO also released "Lucky One" which is a song that is in the techno-pop genre in my opinion. The song is very upbeat in comparison to "Monster", also showing a quirky side of EXO's music.
*Chinese versions included
Jeong Jinwoon released his solo debut "Will" ft. Tiger JK. The song itself feels very repetitive and oldschool. I found out that for this album, Jinwoon was in charge of lyrics, composition, and production so that is ipressive.
Tiffany released "Heartbreak Hotel" ft Simon Dominic for SM Station this week and the song was very chill and Simon D's rap did a lot for a good song. The song aside, the story in the music video was so sad, it felt like a movie.
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