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And we are back again!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. I have done absolutely nothing all day, and it was the best O(≧▽≦)O
Let's go ahead and get started :3
I'm going to continue talking about facial masks, just a different type this time around :)
This card will focus on Sheet masks and things similar to sheet masks.
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Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P
My 언니 @MichalJamerson will also make comments and she is also a great resource :)
Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side.
Now let's get started! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
There a so many different types of sheet masks available out there. Most sheet masks are packed full of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are all great for your skin. However a sheet mask doesn't replace other steps in skin care, we will cover those important steps later.
Sheet masks are super great at adding extra hydration and glow to your skin. However when wearing a mask it does increase the temperature of your skin. Increasing the temperature can increase the bacteria count on the surface of the skin and can cause acne. So it is suggested that when using a sheet mask you have already cleaned your face and only use them every so often. I would say I use a sheet mask probably once a week sometimes twice a week, depending on the hydration levels of my skin.
If you have acne prone skin it is also suggested that you test out a sheet mask before you actually fully use it. For example taking one of the sheet masks you have purchased, and taking a piece of it and applying it only to your cheek. Let it sit or a while and then remove it. Come the next day check for any blemishes. If you don't see any then you are probably good. Because I have acne prone skin and also really sensitive skin the sheet masks I'll be talking about should be safe for you as well.
Using a sheet mask is really easy to do. You simply remove it from the package, apply it to your face, doing your best to make sure there are no wrinkles and sit there while it does its thing. Once you have waiting as long as you want, (I usually wait about 20-25 minutes), you will remove it from the chin up to your forehead. You don't want to wipe off what remains of the mask on you face, instead you want to pat this into your skin and let your face dry before you continue with your skin care routine.
I like doing face masks because of the physical benefits it provides and as silly as this sounds the mental benefits. Because sheet masks are wet typically sitting up or being active makes them slip from your face so you are forced to sit down and relax. Typically I lay down and just relax for the duration of the sheet max and once it is finished, my face feels refreshed as well as my mind. Great relaxation :)
The first sheet masks I will talk about are by Tony Moly.
These are probably some of my favorite sheet masks. If I were to talk about how I liked each type of these masks it would take me ages, because I have used every single one of these.
I would say that the Skin Purifying sheet mask is probably my favorite. My skin felt really soft after using it and the moisture from it seemed to last longer than the other masks.
These masks didn't increase my acne break outs, cause black heads or other facial issues. They didn't cause any major changes in my skin either though. I did notice a difference in brightness and how hydrated my skin looked, but it didn't last more than 2 days max.
These sheet masks tend to more wet than some of the other types I've tried which is another reason why I like them so much.
If you are interested in trying these go ahead a click here
The second set of sheet masks I have used are the Dermal Collegene Essence full face sheet masks.
I liked these well enough. If I compare these to Tony Moly, I like Tony Moly more. Reason being is because these aren't as wet. They are also cut weird so they don't really fit my small face. Though the benefits were roughly the same between these and Tony Moly, the benefits just didn't last as long.
When using these masks I also had a couple of minor break outs. They went away quickly so it is hard to say if it was a cause from the masks or just because my skin hates me.
I would probably order these again but that would be if I couldn't get my hands on some Tony Moly sheet masks haha
If you would like to try these out go ahead and click here
These aren't exactly a sheet mask but they are a fabric mask for your face.
These collagen eye patches by Etude House work wonders. I suffer from dark circles pretty bad and these really helped get rid of my dark circles. They also made my eyes look more youthful and soft.
When using these I wouldn't use a full face sheet mask. What I would typically do is use a sheet mask one night then a couple nights later use these puppies. When using these I will leave them on for about 10-15 minutes if not longer. I never experienced any break outs from these and never had irritated skin.
I noticed a major difference in my skin from these after using them only once. I need to purchase more because I'm out and after not using them for so long I have noticed a difference in the way my eyes look.
Just a warning but these are incredibly wet masks. I actually open them over the sink because they create such a mess. But they are totally worth it for beautiful eyes.
If you would like to purchase these go ahead and click here
The last one I will mention is a lip mask by Kakaxi
I only had a sample product of this so I don't know if my opinion will be all that strong on this one. It was weird using it and I don't think lip masks are or me. Before using this mask I did exfoliate my lips so I have better results. Once I was done using the mask my lips were really soft, that I liked. I didn't like how my lips looked a bit bigger. I'm not a follower on the Kylie Jenner lip trend that has been going on. I like my natural looking lips.
There have been reviews of this product making their lips itchy and peel. I'm not sure if they used it weird but I didn't have this issue.
Not going to lie I probably won't actually purchase this product because I feel like my satin lips products from Mary Kay do a really good job of keeping my lips soft :) and that's what matters.
However if you would like to try this product out click here
That's all for today folks! Hopefully this info was useful to you.
***Remember to do a test with your sheet masks prio to putting them fully on your face. Sheet masks are all made differently and they may irritate your skin.
Of course, these are my own opinions/experiences with these products. Feel free to ask questions but remember I'm not an expert
Next time: Black Head removing masks
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I love the eye patches! I could tell a difference with my eyes almost immediately when I use them. Plus they kind of have a cooling effect and I've used them before on those really rough mornings. They really helped wake up my eyes and make me feel more refreshed.