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Welcome to the second episode of Mock The Week: Anime Edition. For this episode, well be looking at what anime characters would have said or were thinking just before they got killed. Remember the rules: 1. You can make as many jokes as you want. No limit. 2. Be as witty, clever and as funny as you can with your answers. 3. You can reference as many characters as you want. 4. 24 hours after this is first posted, I'll declare a winner, runner up and third place. 5. Have fun with this. Episode 1 Winners are... 1. @SimplyAwkward 2. @supbroscene 3. @KanakoWatashima A few honorable mentions for... 1. @AdamDean 2. @assasingod 3. NickMcCormick
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if only I was the protagonist so I wouldn't be so damn plain looking
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go ahead and tell your back story Mr. villain, maybe then I'll get my head out my ass and muster up the strength to kick your ass when you finish with your bs story that no one cares about
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omg I'm late!! instead of an actual fulfilling breakfast to JumpStart my day, I'll just shove toast in my mouth and hope it gets me to school faster
a year ago·Reply
I'm totally not gonna die, wanna know why? Cuz my name's in the damn title!! *big explosion with tons of bs logic*
a year ago·Reply
Whats Next....
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