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Sorry for taking so long to update but because you guys have been supporting this story so much I want to make sure each chapter keeps you on your feet! Enjoy!~

It's been about a week since Dasom left. I moved out of my apartment and moved in with Hongbin. Even though he keeps trying to kick me out of his house and no matter how many times I just want to leave the house myself, I made a promise to Dasom and I always keep my promises. I'm downstairs in the first floor watching t.v. when I hear Hongbin slam his bed room door. He comes downstairs with his leather jacket on and a duffle bag in his hand. "Where are you going?" I ask. "Out" Hongbin says dryly. "Out where?" I ask. Hongbin doesn't answer. He tries to open the front door but it's stuck. He tries again but it still doesn't open. He runs his hand through his hair. "Chichi open the door." Hongbin says still facing the door. "I asked you a question." I say. Hongbin sighs. "I won't tell you again. Open the door." He drags out the last sentence. "Fine you don't have to tell me. You'll just stay locked in this house." I say turning to face the t.v. again. Hongbin rushes to me and pulls me up by the collar of my shirt. "I said open the door." His eyes turn red. "I thought you weren't going to tell me again." I say with a teasing smirk. Hongbin flashes me his fangs and pulls me closer to him. "Go ahead. Bite me. Kill me. I know Dasom is going to be happy about you breaking your promise." I say. Hongbin grunts then let's go of my collar and I fall onto the floor. He walks upstairs and slams his bedroom door so hard it breaks. "Good job! Now you have no door!" I scream to him. Two days pass and Hongbin hasn't eaten or in other words drank blood. I must certainly have a death wish. I walk up to Hongbin's room. "Hongbin are you ok?" I ask. "If you mean if you're going to get bitten or attacked by me then no I am not ok." Hongbin replies. I walk closer to Hongbin who is standing near the window. "Are you doing this on purpose because I locked you in this house?" I ask. Hongbin doesn't answer. "Why is it so hard for you communicate with me?" I ask. Hongbin still doesn't answer me. I walk out of his room and head to mine. I enter the shower and let the hot water run from the shower head onto my body and let it massage my shoulders. I close my eyes and clear my head. I suddenly hear a sound come from my bathroom door. I look around but I see nothing. I close my eyes once again. "Aah!" I scream. Hongbin pins me to the glass wall of the shower. "Hongbin! What are you doing?" I scream while trying my best to get out of his grip to cover my naked body. "Chichi I'm really thirsty." Hongbin whispers. His eyes are red and staring at my neck. "Hongbin. This is not you. Snap out of it!" I say. "This is me Chichi. A blood thirst monster who feeds on humans like you." Hongbin says still staring at my neck. "Hongbin please. Wh..what about Dasom? She won't ever forgive.." I say. Hongbin cuts me off. " Dasom is long gone. I can do whatever I want now." Hongbin bites my neck and I can feel his fangs pierce through my neck like two sharp knives. "Aah!" Hongbin says in a raspy voice. He runs to the door of the bathroom and falls to his knees coughing while holding his neck. "Vervain? You drank vervain?" I quickly grab my towel and rap it around my body. The spot where Hongbin bit me is burning but I pay it no mind. I stay as far away from Hongbin as I can. Hongbin stands up and leaves my room. I run to my nightstand and grab my phone. It's Dasom. I go to the sink and turn the faucet on in order to keep Hongbin from listening in my conversation. "Hello?" I say. "Chichi. What's up?" Dasom asks. "Dasom.." My voice is shaky. " Chichi are you ok?" Dasom asks. "Hongbin....Hongbin bit me." I say while slowly sitting down on my bed. "What?.... Oh haha. Real funny Chichi. You almost got me for a second there." Dasom says. "No. I'm serious Dasom." I say. Dasom pauses before speaking. "Ok. So tell me what happened." Dasom says calmly as an attempt to also calm me down. "He's been starving himself for two days and while I was showering he attacked me. But then he quickly got off me and started coughing. He said something but I'm not sure if I heard it correctly." I say. "And what was that word?" Dasom asks. "I.. I think it was Vervain. What is that?" I ask. "Vervain is a plant that with a little dose it could hurt a vampire but with a lot it could kill a vampire." Dasom says. "Kill!" I say panicked and stand up from my bed. "I know what your thinking and don't worry Hongbin is not going to die." Dasom says with a small chuckle. I sigh in relief. "So wait. How did the vervain get in my system?" I ask. "Did you drink my blood?" Dasom asks. "Yes. After Hongbin started starving himself I drank your blood just incase." I reply. "That's how you have vervain in your system. I put some in with my blood just incase someone would attack you. I just didn't expect it to be my brother. Watch what I'm going to do to him." Dasom says. "It's also kind of my fault. I did lock him in the house." I say with my head down. "That's still no excuse to do that to his best friend." Dasom says. "Is he there?" "Yea. Wait let me put some clothes on real quick." I say. I put the phone down on the bed and change into a large navy blue sweater with dark gray pajama shorts. I pick up my phone again and walk to Hongbin's room as quietly as I can. I put my ear against the door to see if I hear anything but it's completely quiet. I slowly open the door to see the room empty. I look through the rest of the house and he's not anywhere to be found. Dasom hears me walking all around the house through the phone. "He's gone right." Dasom says. "Yea." I sigh. "I guess when he bit me I got so scared that the spell took off. Maybe that was his plan all along." "No. I know my brother and he wouldn't go that far just to get out of the house." Dasom says. "After you left he's been on edge. And he doesn't trust me anymore because I knew you were going to leave and didn't tell him. I don't think I should stay here anymore." I say. "Chichi. He needs you. Now more than ever. You may not know it and he may not know it but he does need you." Dasom says. "If you have my blood in your system you'll be safe." "I don't know." I say. "Trust me this won't happen again. He knows you have vervain in your system and if he's out of the house he most likely drank blood already and came back to his senses. So don't worry too much." Dasom says. "What if he doesn't come back?" I ask. "He will. Maybe not now because he's embarrassed and ashamed of what he did to you but he will come back." Dasom reassures me. "I never thought my life would turn out like this." I say. "None of us did." Dasom says. "Chichi take care of yourself and text me when he gets back. Just be patient with him." "Ok I will. Talk to you soon." I say and hang up. I place my phone on the nightstand and I here the water running from the bathroom sink. "Shit! I forgot to turn off the water." I say and run to the bathroom. The floor is filled with water. I run to the sink and shut the water off. I get a mop a dry up all the water from the floor. Good thing I didn't flood the whole house. I walk downstairs with my blanket in hand and lay down on the couch to watch t.v. I slowly start to doze off. 3 AM I wake up to someone coming in the front door. Or should I say two someones. Hongbin is drink agin but this time he brought a girl with him. He doesn't make eye contact with me once but the girl does. She whispers something in his ear and he whispers something in hers and she looks at me again and laughs. They end up going to Dasom's room. "Is he serious right now. He bites me and then he brings a girl home." I say to myself. I try to forget that Hongbin has a girl upstairs but then I hear fumbling coming from upstairs. I slowly walk up the stairs to Dasom's bedroom door and lean my ear against the door. I don't hear Hongbin but I hear the girl moaning. My eyes start to fill up with tears but not because of sadness but because of anger. How can someone be so heartless? I head to my room and close the door behind me. I lay on my bed and try to drown out the girl's moans from my ears with music. Eventually I doze off and fall asleep. The next morning I wake up. Everything is silent and peaceful. I brush my teeth, shower change into clothes and head downstairs to make myself breakfast before going to work. I enter the kitchen and I see the girl sitting on a chair that is in front of the island and I see Hongbin cooking on the other side of the island. So I guess last night wasn't a dream. The girl looks at me up and down and smiles. I don't. I get a yogurt from the fridge and a granola bar. "So you're Hongbin's sisters friend who likes Hongbin?" The girl says. She stands up and walks towards me and examines my face. She pouts in the most mocking way. "I think you should give it up. I girl like you doesn't end up dating a guy like Hongbin. He's way out of your league." I finally smile. "I'm glad he's out of my league because I don't want to be the 6th girl he brings home this week." I lie. She opens her mouth in shock and looks at Hongbin. He does a cocky smile. I walk out of the house and get in the car Dasom left me and drive off to work. I'm glad to be out of that house right now. I need something that will take my mind off everything. My shift is over. I dismiss myself from everyone and head home. When I pull up in the driveway I don't see Hongbin's car. He must be out drinking again. I go straight to my room shower and change into my pajamas. I go to the kitchen and take out a bowl, spoon, milk and cereal. After I'm done preparing my cereal I go to the living room and watch a movie on Netflix. Once again I doze off and then eventually wake up to Hongbin coming through the front door with another girl. They go up to Dasom's room and once again I hear the girl moaning. I go to my room and listen to my music until I fall asleep. The past few days is the same and then the next few weeks is also the same. Hongbin went out early in the morning today so I have the house all to myself. I pick up my phone and dial Dasom's number. "Hello." Dasom says. "Chichi I can't take it no more he is driving me nuts." I start off. "He has been bringing a different girl home and having loud as sex every single night for the past month." "What? That doesn't sound like Hongbin." Dasom says. "I'm telling you the Hongbin we used to know is long gone. You need to come back. It's you that he needs not me." I say. "No Chichi you can't give in to his childish ways. Trust me. This is probably his way of ignoring you so he won't have to confront you about the time he bit you." Dasom says. "I don't think it's that. I think he just hit rock bottom." I say. "Chichi don't let him win. You need to beat him at his own game and make him talk to you about that night. That's the way you'll get Hongbin back to the way he was." Dasom says. "And how would I do that? He's not talking to me remember?" I say. "He's bringing home a girl everynight right?" Dasom asks. "Yea." I say. "So you bring one home too." Dasom says. "What! Are you crazy? You want me to be a slut so Hongbin will talk to me?" I ask. "Trust me. I know how much Hongbin likes you and he won't even let you bring the first one home." Dasom says confidently. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Yes I'm sure." Dasom says. "Ok. I'll give it a try." I say. "Ok girl. Good luck! Bye." Dasom says and hangs up. I don't know if I can do this. I call up one of my guy friends who I trust and tell him my plan and ask him if he will be willing to do this thing with me and he agrees. We plan to go out to a bar the next day. "This is a nice bar." I say. "Yea. I work here part time as a dj." My friend Max says. "That's cool." I say. "What would you like to drink?" Max asks. "Wine." I say. "Who drinks wine at bar?" Max laughs. "Fine then get me Henny on the rocks." I roll my eyes. We walk up to the bar and Max introduces me to the bar tender who is also his close friend. The bartender gives us our drinks. "So how have you been?" Max asks. "I've been pretty go.." I start off saying but get cut off when someone in the bar stool next to me bumps into me. I look at the person next to me and I see that it's Hongbin. "Sorry..." He says while turning to face me but then stops when he realizes it's me. "Hongbin?" I say. Max looks at Hongbin then at me and puts his hand on my waist. "Do you know him?" Max asks clearly knowing the answer. "Yes. This is my roommate Hongbin." I say. "Oh. So this is him." Max says. I smile. "Wait. If you're his roommate and you're a girl and he's a guy have you guys... You know..." The girl that's sitting next to Hongbin says and it looks like she had a little too much to drink. "I'm guessing she's the catch of the night?" I say to Hongbin. He doesn't say anything and just turns to face the bar. "Max and I actually decided that this bar is way too loud so we're going to have a few drinks over at my place. Why don't you two join us?" I say. Before Hongbin can oppose the girl chimes in. "Yea! That would be awesome!" I just laugh. Max holds my hand and leads me out of the bar. Max and I get in his car and Hongbin and the girl get in his car. A few minutes later we arrive at the house. We all sit down on the couch and open a bottle of wine. Hongbin and the girl are sitting on the side of the couch that is closer to the stairs and Max and I are sitting on the other side. "How do you two know each other?" The girl asks Max and I. Max puts his hand on top of my lap. Hongbin is looking towards the stairs trying to make it seem that he doesn't care but I know it's bothering him because the way he is tapping his foot. "Well we met the summer after we graduated from high school then became close friends and now we became even closer." Max says and I give him a shy smile. "Oh it looks like we're out of wine. Max would you give me a hand in the kitchen?" I ask. I grab the empty cups from the coffee table and Max grabs the empty wine bottle. "Yes of course." Max follows me into the kitchen. I put the empty cups in the sink and turn on the faucet to rinse them out. "Max can you get the wine bottle from the fridge?" I ask. "Yup." Max says and takes the wine bottle out from the fridge. Max looks to the living room and sees that Hongbin is not paying any attention to us but the girl he brought is. "Chichi." Max says and I look at him. "Don't move." I stare at him confused and Max kisses me. I want to pull away but I don't since Hongbin is right in the next room. The girl Hongbin brought with him taps his shoulder and tells him to look back and when he does he sees Max and I making out in the kitchen. "Aren't they so cute together?" The girl says. Hongbin clenches his fists. Hongbin grabs the girls hand and takes up to Dasom's room like he did with every other girl. Max pulls away from the kiss and looks to the living and I do the same. "I guess the plan didn't work." I say. "It's not over yet. " Max says. "Let's go to your room." I look at him confused but I do as he says and take him to my room. Max closes the door behind him. "I know that if I like a girl I wouldn't like her being in a room with a guy I don't know." Max says. I sit down on the corner of my bed and Max is by the door trying to listen for Hongbin. "I've been so stressed for the last few weeks that my shoulders feel like rocks." I say rubbing my shoulders. "Do you want me to give one of my famous massages?" Max asks. "Yes. Please." I say. Hongbin's POV Kim the girl I brought back from the bar taps my shoulder and I look back to the kitchen to see Chichi and that guy making out. "Aren't they so cute together?" Kim says. I clench my fist to the point that my knuckles turn white. I know Chichi is doing this to get under my skin and it's working. I grab Kim's hand and lead her to Dasom's room. As soon as we step inside the bedroom Kim excuse herself to go to the bathroom. Good cause I was getting tired of her anyways. Kim closes the bathroom door at the same time that Chichi closes her bedroom door. "Did he leave?" I ask myself. I hope he did so I wouldn't have to rip his throat out. I quietly step out of Dasom's room closing the door behind me. I listen in to what Chichi is doing in her room N's I hear a male's voice. That jerk is still here? And even worse he's inside Chichi's room with Chichi. I could hear them speak. "Lay down on the bed." Max says. "Ok." Chichi obliges. I hear the bed squeak a little. I hear Chichi moan. "Does it feel good?" Max says and I could feel my rage for him grow a lot more than before. "Yea. It's way better than from what I remember." Chichi says. Before I know it I'm opening Chichi's bedroom door. I take Max by his collar and pin him to the wall. "Hongbin put him down." Chichi screams. "We weren't doing what you think we were doing." I repeat their words from earlier in my head again. "Does it feel good? It's way better from what I remember." My grip on Max's collar gets even tighter. "Hongbin please stop you're going to kill him!" Chichi says trying to take my hands off him when she clearly knows that my strength is not like the average human. "Hongbin please." Chichi says while putting her hands on my face and moving it so I can look at her. I let Max go and he falls to the floor coughing. Chichi rushes to his side. I leave the room and head to Dasom's room to check on Kim. I open the door to Dasom's room and see Kim sleeping on the bed. I wake her up and compel her. "You will forget everything that happened after you met me at the bar. You had a fun night at the bar. We had one or two drinks together and then you went home and went to sleep. So get in cab and go home and go to sleep." I say to Kim. Kim gets up from the bed and does what I compelled her to do. As soon as she leaves I head back to Chichi's room. Chichi's POV Hongbin enters my room. "If you're not here to explain yourself than just leave." I tell him. Hongbin walks towards my bed and starts taking the bed sheets off of my bed. "What are you doing?" I ask while walking towards him. "We need to burn these." Hongbin says still taking off the sheets of my bed. I grab the sheets he was taking off and put them back on my bed. "You really have gone nuts." While Hongbin is taking off the bed sheets I'm trying to put them back on. He then suddenly grabs my wrist. "Hongbin you're hurting me." I say. Hongbin looks at my neck and sees the scar of the bite he gave me a month ago. He slowly let's go of my wrist. Hongbin looks at the door and before he could walk to it I close it and stand in front of it. "Move." Hongbin says without looking at me in the eye. "No." I say. "Why do you always like pushing me to my limits?" Hongbin says. "Because you don't communicate with me. So what am I supposed to do?" I say. "There's nothing we need to speak about." Hongbin says. "How about how you brought home a girl every single night and slept with them just you won't to talk about this." I say pointing at the scar on my neck. Hongbin glances at it but then looks away. I grab his hand and put it on the scar but he moves it away. I take his hand once again and put it on the scar and he moves it away again. "Why are you doing this?" Hongbin says. "Because we need to talk about it." I say. "I don't know." Hongbin says. "You don't know if you want to talk about it or you don't know what happened?" I ask. "I don't know what happened. I lost control." Hongbin replies. "I'm sorry." "Did you do it to scare me so I can take of the spell from the house?" I ask. "No. I didn't even know that that would happen." Hongbin says. "I won't ever hurt you intentionally." Hongbin finally looks at me in the eyes and holds my face in his hands before placing a light kiss on my lips. Hongbin grabs my wrist and leads me to his room. "I can't stand being in your room right now. All I could think about is that guy on you and touching you." Hongbin says through his teeth. "We didn't sleep together." I say. "Which is not the same I could say for you and all those girls." We're now in Hongbin's room. "I didn't sleep with them. I just compelled them to make those sounds. I didn't even kiss any of them." Hongbin says. "I know you were trying to ignore me but why did you bring them home? Why didn't you just stay at their place?" I ask. "Because I still wanted to see you everyday and make sure you were ok. Even though I was ashamed and embarrassed to confront you." Hongbin says. Hongbin lays down on his bed and taps the empty space in front of him. I lay down next to him and he pulls me close. My face is in his neck and his chin is on top of my head. "Why did you take them to Dasom's room and not yours?" I ask. "Because the only girl I want in my room with me is you." Hongbin replies. "I still didn't like that you brought them here." I say. "I'm sorry." Hongbin smiles at my jealousy. There's a moment of silence between us. "Did... Did you two.. " Hongbin starts off saying but I cut him off. "No we didn't." I whisper the last as sentence. "I'm still a virgin." Hongbin's eyes go wide. He then hovers on top of me. "Then can I be your first." Hongbin says and his voice is deeper and sexier than ever. I nod my head. And I can feel myself blush. Hongbin smiles and kisses my forehead then my nose then my lips then my neck on the scar where he bit me. "You're mine now. And I have evidence to prove it." Hongbin whispers in my ear. He then kisses my collar bone and rips off my dress with his vampire strength. "He touched you in that dress. I don't want to see it ever again." Hongbin says while kissing me. I just laugh at his jealousy. He starts getting undressed and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. ;)

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This boy compelled the girls he brought home to moan, just to make her jealous?! *smh* Good grief! lol Well at least they got it all figured out and got him to talk about things.
That cliffhanger though........but I'm happy hongbin finally stop being an ass hat.