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Hello my readers! XD

Thank you to everyone who voted last time on which band and what name I was going to use for the next fanfic and the winners are...

Bodyroll please...

(I can't get enough of these LOL)

VIXX won the band vote and I will be using Y/N as the name!!

Look at them partying their victory~

Ok so now that those are decided...it is time for the next couple of votes!

Third Vote - Keep you guessing or a specific member?

For this vote, would you guys like me to keep the main leads anonymous and have it up in the air or would you guys like the fanfic to be for a certain member of VIXX?

And if a certain member, who would you like it to be?

If a certain member vote wins, then I will count the votes for each member on this card and the member with the most votes will be the main lead!

Thank you all for voting and the synopsis of the fan fiction will be out here soon after I count the votes!

I can't wait to see what you guys decide!!! XD
Also, if you would like to be tagged for this fanfic let me know as I would love to add you!
Thunder Buddies!:
Tagging the fictionists:
@JamiMilsap omg same not opposed to love triangles either *cough* N and Hongbin *cough* 😇 I don't mind if it's up in the air but my vote is for N
Yay VIXX!! 😄 As for the characters...I think that up in the air is fun, but if everyone else votes for a lead my pick is Leo. (Disclaimer: Not opposed to love triangles or plot twists where you think it's one member, but ends up with someone else. Bwahahaha!)
Definitely N or Ken!! Please tag me in your stories :)
Specific member and either RAVI or LEO 😱 AND maybeeee someone in the group has loved the main male lead???? Just to make it juicy 😏 Ya know... *wiggles eyebrows* If Leo the main character, Ravi be the one who loves him but Leo is in love with someone else...or vice versa...just sayin 😏
Keep us guessing!
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