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Welcome to the first chapter of my new fanfic! Thanks to comments from the preview ! I got a lot more ides to add onto the story! I was inspired by two fanfics.
- The Boy Next Door by @MrsJungHoseok
- Fictionless Love by @Lexxcisco
Some of you may be familiar with the drama 'Flower Boy Next Door'. I recently rewatched it and it made me think "Hey! wouldnt this be great to incorporate! Also Im going to throw in some EXO next door vibes except with BTS XD
The name of the fanfic I will give credit to @aliendestina . Anyways..... onto the story!


Melody was from California and had moved to Seoul about 3 years ago. In those three years she had stayed inside escaping reality. She is sweet, caring, smart, but shy when it comes to certain people. If someone gave off a certain vibe she would get nervous and her shyness would come out. One day a group moves in next door. Seven handsome men. Little did she know they would be the reason she finds more happiness than ever and maybe even love!

Chapter 1

Its been a while since I had had human contact. I usually am more introverted. You might be thinking now. 'How do you even do your job??Do you even have one?"
Well to answer that. Yes. Yes i do.
I make webtoons!
I love my job. Little contact with people, i get to write and draw my stories, and I stay home all day. Ever since i was younger I was pretty shy. I was the kid no one really noticed until graduation.
I looked at my clock and saw the bright lights show 12:35 am
<< Maybe a small snack will work!>>
Recently I cant really sleep so i work away until I can fall asleep. I opened the cabinet to see my rice had run out. Thats a big no no. I grabbed my combat boots and put my hair in a bun making my ear piercings become more prominent. At night its so cold so I put my mask on. Plus its embarrassing when i go out in the cold since my nose turns slightly red.
As I walked out I saw that the larger home (next to mine) 's 'for sale' sign was taken down.
<< oh great who is moving next door now.>>
the last neighbors would throw parties all the time and then have arguments at like 2 or 3 am. I let out a sigh as i continued. I took my phone out to check if the store's time extended to how late it was. Thankfully it was.
I finally reached the store after thirty minutes of slow pace walking. In the store stood a tall man behind the register looking down at his phone not even bothering to look up. Im a bit thankful for this though because that meant ill be in and out. I quickly went down the aisle grabbing rice and while i was there i grabbed meat and some pot-stickers.
If i was gonna travel all this way I was gonna have a meal! I was not gonna just come and leave with JUST rice! This walk had to mean something... and that was a big meal!
I adjusted my mask so the man could hear me clearly if he needed to. Finally after about 2 minutes of me awkwardly standing there, he decided to get off his phone and start scanning the items.
I rubbed my hands together blowing out warm air on them so i didnt freeze. I didnt bother to look at the door as I heard it ding. I didnt hear alot of movement afterwards so i turned out of curiosity and took my mask off in the process. There stood seven tall, handsome men. One of them smiled at me with a box shaped smile. I felt my awkwardness coming out so i quickly gave a small grin and looked back to see if my items were ready.
"Sorry miss, this might take a couple minutes. The machine is acting up."
" Are there any other machines?"
He looked up at me " Sorry miss, this is the only one we have."
I sighed and nodded as I took a seat. I sat there looking at my phone until i felt a shadow cast over me. I slowly looked up from my phone to be greeted by one of the guys from earlier.
"What is a pretty girl like you doing here at such a time?"
I felt myself blushing at the handsome guy's remark. He smiled with an eye smile.
"umm...i dont know..." I mumbled into my mask.
"hm? Sorry I cant hear you."
I adjusted my mask so it rested under my chin and repeated what i was gonna say.
"I dont know...I guess you can say i had the midnight munchies."
"Oh same here thats why me and the guys ar-"
"Yah Jimin! Leave her alone! Is he bothering you?" Another one came around.
"Hoseok hyung! im just talking. Anyways, what were you planning to make?"
They both took the initiative to sit in front of me on the other side of the small table.
"Well I was thinking about making some bulgolgi with pot-stickers and rice..."
I looked down not wanting to meet their gaze. They were probably judging me and my habit of eating a lot. They probably think im such a pi-
"Oh wow! I didnt think a girl with such a small figure could eat so much!"
I looked up. I was honestly thought they were gonna say something bad.
"Eat?" I heard a voice behind me. Then came a tall man with broad shoulders.
"Jin Hyung we were just talking to....oh my... how could we have not asked already! Whats your name?" Hoseok said.
" My name is Melody."
"Wow! Such a nice name~" Jimin said.
"Thank you..." I said looking down once again. I never make eye contact. Its usually to the floor but today I have looked at their faces.. maybe not eye contact but when I talked to them I looked at their eyebrows or their foreheads.
"I didnt catch your names..."
"OH! Im Jin, and you already met Hoseok and Jimin. The guy over there with the dimples is Namjoon..." He knocked on the glass to get his attention and the man inside smiled and waved. I saw his dimples and instantly felt my ears heat up.
"The one that wont stop looking at the lamb skewers is Jungkook. The white haired one that passed out right there is Yoongi. And last but not least that is Taehyung." He pointed to the one looking at all the magazines and was laughing at the comics in them.
hmm.. Taehyung... i like that name.
"How come your boyfriend didnt come with you? Its so late for a young lady to walk by herself." Jin said.
"oh, um I dont have a boyfriend. I live alone around here."
"Really??" I turned to see Taehyung. He walked by us
"how is that even possible!" he mumbled. I smiled at that. He seemed so confused to how i was single. I was so flattered by this.
"Oh ya Im Taehyung but you can call me Tae." He said looking at me in the eyes putting his hand out for me to shake. Once again i felt my ears heat up. I shook his hand.
"Are you okay? Your ears are red!"
"i-im f-fine"

Warning: Getting jumped may cause triggers.

"Okay miss. I ran everything through! That will be 50won."
I grabbed my wallet out and was about to pay when a figure stood in front of me. It was Tae.
He handed his card to the cashier and gave me a smile. Once that was done I grabbed my bags and thanked them all.
"Maybe we will see each other another time! Bye." I said
I walked for a little bit and i turned a corner and heard ruffling behind me. I peeked behind me to see a person with their head down and hoodie on. I turned my head back to the front.
<< its probably nothing... no it IS nothing>>
I turned the corner and suddenly was pulled into the alleyway.
"Shhhhhh... hey baby whats goin on."
He covered my mouth with his hand. I squirmed to get out of his grip. I tried yelling but then i felt something cold on my stomach. I peeked down to see a blade held up to me.
"Do you want this the easy or the hard way?" he said as he pushed the blade a bit further. I was crying. He put his hand on my waist and started to move his hand up and down my arm kissing my neck. I let out sob after sob. I closed my eyes waiting for the worst. Then I heard
I opened them to see a furious Taehyung. He marched over and grabbed my arm pulling me behind him.
"why dont you go back to your friends kid. Im just having fun with my girl."
"Your girl? You sick freak!"
"Seriously kid, it would be best for you to move on." the man said flashing his knife. Taehyung was unfazed by it as he lunged at him knocking the guy to the floor.The knife fell from his hand and Tae threw punches left and right.I felt the guys behind me grab me and take me a safe distance away. Yoongi went and grabbed the knife while Jungkook and Jimin separated the two men. After letting Tae go Jungkook helped grab the stranger to prevent him from getting away.
Jin went to call the police and Hoseok went to calm Tae down before he killed the guy.
Namjoon stayed with me. He held me and pet my head as i sobbed into his chest.
"Your okay. Your oppas are here to help you." He said holding me close. He wrapped me in his jacket so I could be closer to him.
When the police arrived they dragged him away and assured me he would not see the day of light for a while.
"Where is your place?" Namjoon asked.
"Right around the corner."
"really we do too!" Jungkook finally said. He hasnt spoken up this whole time.
"We will walk you there" Jin said taking my hand. I was shocked by the sudden move but i got over it quickly got over it as i found it more comforting than anything.
"This is my stop."
They all stopped and looked at me extremely shocked.
"really?? We are right here." Jimin said pointing to the house next to mine.
"I know all of us just met but can you stay over? It would make me feel better knowing your with us." Tae said stepping up grabbing both my hands looking me dead in the eye.
'Please' he mouthed with his mouth.
I sighed "I dont know... i dont want to bother you guys..."
I was trying to get any excuse out of this. 7 men and me in the same house all night???
"We dont mind at all!" They all said.
"Well i guess you're staying over!"
They all cheered and wrapped around me in a group hug.
" okay okay... im going to get some stuff to change into then."
"Im coming with you." Tae said.
I nodded and headed towards my door.
We walked in and i told him to wait there. He smiled and as i was walking away, i saw in the mirror on the wall a mark on my neck. The bastard from earlier left a dark mark . Tears started to swell in my eyes. suddenly Tae ran up behind me hugging me tight. "You are safe now. Ive got you. I wont let anything happen." He turned me around to face him and wiped my tears. He moved so i could get into my room. I packed underwear, a large tshirt that i like to wear when i sleep,and some face masks that i had on hand.
I walked out with my bag. Tae looked up from his phone and smiled at me. He grabbed my hand and led me out the door. As we walked he didnt stop holding my hand and just like with Jin, i thought it was weird but comforting.
We walked into the living room where the boys were sitting. I smiled at Namjoon. He was the first one i saw. He was reading a book and taking notes. He smiled back. I turned to the rest of the boys and thanked them for letting me stay.
I havent been over to anyone's house...ever.
When i was younger i always had my friends come over my house. I usually felt uncomfortable doing if i were to go to their house™. Even if I had known them for years.
Yet today i had just met them less than an hour ago and i was so comfortable.
"The Restroom is over there. You can go ahead and change. We can cook the goods you got at the store afterwards." Jin said lightly guiding me.
I got into the restroom and changed.
<<Oh crap! i forgot my shorts... Dammit!>>
i did the last thing i could do.
"umm... Tae!" i called. I heard his foot steps come closer and closer.
"Ya. Is something wrong?"
"I forgot my shorts do you think you have any i can borrow."
He thought for a minute. "I have some extra basketball shorts that might be big on you. But it will work."
He walked off before stopping."Are you coming?"
"I dont have pants though"
"Its alright, I have a younger sister so Im used to girls" He said giving me a reassuring smile.

Taehyung's Prov.

I was on my phone when i heard
My head shot up and i fast walked to the bathroom.
"ya. Is something wrong?"
"I forgot my shorts do you think you have any i can borrow?"
I thought and remembered someone had given me basketball shorts that were too small for me.
"I have some extra basketball shorts that might be big on you. But it will work."
I turned to walk to my room. I realized she wasnt following behind me.
"are you coming?"
"I dont have pants though." she said with a slight worried expression.
<< Thats so cute! Ugh she looks like a lost puppy...>>
"Its alright, I have a younger sister so im used to girls." I said
I remember I would walk around at home and see my sister with no pants on getting cereal or on the couch.
I gave her a reassuring smile. She looked both ways and opened the door so that she could sneak out.
Shame on me! First thing I did was look at her legs. The Tshirt stopped a little higher than mid thigh. I couldnt help myself but notice how nice they were. They looked so soft. When I looked back up at her , thank goodness she didnt notice. She had grabbed her bag and was walking towards me. I quickly turned and continued to my door.
I opened the door and she rushed in. I giggled at how alert she was.
"Its okay. We dont bite"
She looked up at me and giggled.
"Im not used to being with people to be honest. Im usually inside all the time."
"Oh well now you can visit us anytime!"
She smiled at me. I went into my drawer to look for the shorts. I threw the other shorts out of the way. I found them and handed them to her.
"Im gonna put the extra pants back into the drawer and you can just put those on right here."
I turned so that she could change. Its silly really but i wanted to respect her just incase she felt uncomfortable. I turned and I let a giggle escape.
"what?" "Its just- they are so big on you and it looks cute."She blushed when i said that which made me giggle harder. "Im gonna go cook with Jin." She said as turned a bit embarrassed. I grabbed her wrist and turned her around."Sorry if I embarrassed you. You just look so cute!" She blushed harder.I put my hand on the string in the front of her pants and pulled it so it can become tighter.
"W-what are y-you doing?""Relax im just adjusting them so its tighter."After i had adjusted it she smiled and thanked me. When she walked out the door something in me wanted to tell her how pretty she was. Her eyes, her hair, her voice. It all was just so pretty. Her name alone was enough to make me smile. Whats with me???

Melody's Prov.

I walked out a bit flustered. Why am i so embarrassed he was just helping.
"Are you feeling alright? your ears and cheeks are pink ish." Jin said putting his hand on my forehead. I nodded.
"Ready to start?" I said. Jin smiled and said
"after you!"
I went ahead and started to cook the rice and chop veggies. Jin prepared the seasonings for the rice and other veggies. The pot stickers just needed to be warmed up so that was done easily.
Once we were done we put veggies in one bowl and rice in another. We made the bulgogi like It would be at a Korean BBQ. I couldnt help but notice Namjoon looking up from his book staring at me. What was up with that?
Same thing with Tae. I would catch him casually leaning on the wall just looking at me.
We all sat down and I sat in between Namjoon and Tae. We ate and we joked around. I really got to know all of them and I finally memorized all their names. I know i was told them earlier but I have the memory of a goldfish XD
I turned to see Tae smiling down at me. I smiled back at him and he poked my nose. Turning back to the group he winked at me.
I felt my ears warm up. I turned again to see Namjoon giving Tae a glare. It was intense but when he looked at me he smiled a warm smile where i could see his dimple. I couldnt stop my hand before it poked his dimple. He blushed.
We talked more and more and I got to know their personalties a bit better.
Jimin= the flirt, Cute face, and had a laugh of an angel
Jungkook= shy but was funny.
Yoongi= really cool, funny, and down to earth
Hoseok= he was a ball of sunshine and was just made me smile looking at him plus he was funny
Jin= very motherly and awkward but very comfortable to talk to
Namjoon= he is a deep thinker and extremely smart and nice and funny
Taehyung= He was perfect. I- I mean He was extremely funny, extremely nice, handsome, and cute at the same time, he was goofy, and hot......and perfe- I MEAN he was really cool.......
I found myself looking at him. I dont know how long i was looking but he turned and smiled at me. I felt myself blush for the hundredth time that night.
Why am i like this?

Namjoon's Prov.

What is it about tonight? Why do I feel so protective over Melody? Why do i not like her hanging out with Taehyung?
These questions have been playing in my head all night. She kept catching me looking at her. UGH how embarrassing. But how could i not stare? She is so pretty. And the shorts and tshirt make her look so cute.
I sat next to her during the meal and I couldnt help but notice Taehyung looking at her. It made me mad. Does he like her or something? I glared at him but he didnt seem to notice. He was too busy with Melody.
I want to become closer to her! Why not? I can be fun! When i comforted her earlier it broke me. I hadnt even talked to her before hand yet it just felt right to me. I dont know how to explain it.
I couldnt get her out of my mind even as we talked about other things. She clouded all of my thoughts.
Do...Do I have a... crush??
I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!!! I had alot of fun writing this! Please leave feed back! I would love to know how you feel.
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