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Unfair: ErenxReader(College!CoffeeShop!AU)

If you smile at me like that (Girl, don’t you know?) It’s hard for me to not feel anything I’ve already had several cups of coffee baby But why do I still feel like I’m in a dream? There she was...working at the coffee shop where he always studies during the weekend. Her smile made Eren feel butterflies in his stomach when he caught her glance, her laughter was like music to his ears, and her eyes sparkled whenever she welcomed the customers who walked in. But there was only one problem that stopped his dilemma right in his tracks. She was dating his friend Jean. Not that he was complaining or anything it’s just that her boyfriend doesn’t even know she even existed!Just constantly flirting with other girls instead of paying attention to her, making her pay whenever they go on dates, even once he forgot that it was their first month anniversary when they first dated. Every time jean would do anything that would upset (Y/N) just makes him upset and wanting to take her away from that “Horsed Face Jerk”. “Hey, Eren! What will it be today?”(Y/N) had her usual smile on her face waiting for his order with a pen and pad in her hand.A light tinge of pink came across his cheeks as he stuttered a little “J-Just the usual please…” He looked away with a slight blush tinted on his cheeks while his crush walked away with his order. It was the simple things that made the turquoise eyed german fall in love with the cute barista. By the way of her bangs fell around her pretty face, her bright smile whenever she greeted the customers, or how she always danced around the cafe from the music playing on the small radio above on the shelf.
This is what I have worked on a few weeks back and I am hoping for some feedback *it came to me when I was listening to Unfair by EXO on my phone*
@KokoroNoTakara Arigato koko!
who knows
I'm trying to figure out how he will get reader - chan in the end, like does she break up with him or does jean dump her
@SamanthaRamdath well I was going to make a full one shot of it but I got struck with writers block
Aweee this is really cute! I like it! Is there a part 2?
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