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Warning: Language!

_ * _ * _ * (Major time skip) 2 more days... She walked up to the front of the class. They were supposed to present on something that made them happy, but since it was a Friday and she was going to finish her plan on Sunday, why not let the world know the truth? "Can you tell me the meaning of life?" The whole class was silent until a girl in the back raised her hand. "Yes?" "Umm..." Her face was flushed. "Isn't it to be happy. I mean aren't you supposed to live your l9fe to the fullest and enjoy it?" "If that were the case, why are you here? What's your dream?" Everyone was surprised, her normally cheery voice and bright eyes had turned cold and dark, her voice which was normally soothing felt like acid in their ears. It was hoarse. They also noticed that she wasn't wearing make up today, the tear streaks and puffy dark circles were present. "I want to be a nurse. I want to help people." the girl said just loud enough. "You think you can help someone? You think if you throw a band-aid on someone all is right?" Her laugh was vile causing everyone to tense. "Let me tell you something. You can't help anyone, they can't help themselves either. You said the meaning of life was to be happy and enjoy it? Then why is the world so cruel?!?" Her voice started rising. "WHY IS IT THAT NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU ARE LIFE FUCKING YOU UP?!? WHY ARE WE SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, EATING DISORDERS, PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE?!?" The class stayed silent. The air had an eerie feel. Tears cascaded down her face as she stood staring at the ones in front of her. "Y-" "Shut up." she snapped at the teacher making him back down to his chair. "You!" she pointed to a boy wearing a golden cross neckalace scaring him. "You're religious, explain why this shit happens." A bitter smile played on her lips. No one noticed the boy silently entering the classroom, just staring at her in the doorway, watching. "G-god wants to test us. Everything he does has a purpose. I-if you believe and s-serve God he won't let anything o-or a-anyone hurt you. In-" Another laugh, but not from her this time. From the boy in the doorway. "You believe that bullshit?" he gasped through breathes before his eyes darkened. "Tell me something, church boy." he spat the last two words out like spoiled milk. "When I was Christian, he let me get raped and abused." a broken, mad smile crept on his lips. "Nothing's changed since then, except now I'm not bound by fake shit people make up to use as an excuse for their fucked up shit." "Yibo." A genuine smile showed on his face once he turned to her. "Yes, my dear?" "Go to class." "Uh, no." The teacher crept out as the class watched the two get closer and closer until there was barely any space between them. "You have to." "How about we both..." He grabbed her hand. "Run." Pulling her out of the room and all the way to the woods they promised to meet up at after school. "What... the hell.... was that?" She breathed. "You decided to give away your secrets, so why should I keep mine? We're in this together, remember?" There was a few minutes of silence before she sighed. "I remember. Do what you want." They both sat under a tree behind the house. "Why can't life actually be like this instead of the demons once we leave this place?" It was his turn to sigh. "I dont know, why do they only go away with you?" She smiled turning her head towards him. "Because we are both fucked so when we come together it's too much." "Good answer."
A/N: This is SUPER short, I am so sorry for that and the time skip but nothing would happen those days I skipped so... what you think? I'll try and make the last one (maybe two) longer. I've been so sucky at updating lately, forgive me plz!


Wow. I'm kind of scared to read on. 0.0 btw I'm falling in love with this. I guess I'm odd πŸ˜…πŸ˜
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@sarahdarwish No you're not. Thank you and I hope u like wat i have planned!