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This isn't really Kpop-related, but this is something really important we need to come together for nonetheless... because we need to be there for everyone who is mourning the very recent passing of 22 year old 'Voice' singer, Christina Grimmie.
If you didn't know, on June 10, 2016, Christina Grimmie was shot and killed after a concert in Orlando, Florida.
I wanna ask that we all be there for her family, friends, and fans in their time of need.
Almost 2 years ago, we went through a similar tragedy with EunB and RiSe of Ladies' Code back in early September, 2014. After going through such a tragedy, I ask that we be there for everyone who is mourning right now, as we know the pain that they are feeling.
It's so sad to lose such talented people at such young ages. Please, I'm begging that we put aside our differences and unite to be there for everyone as they go through this very hard time.
oowwe! its so sad that this happened to her 😒 I'm glad you pointed it out though and yes let's unite in honor of such talented girl
I really hope none of this happens to our oppas..
Can someone explain what happened?
omg that's awful! does anyone know why it happened?