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look into the pages of a book, do you see people? Do you see faces? Do you see Yeesys? Do you see a mother fucking 401K? No, you don't. I'll tell you what your supposed to see you smart ass arrogant millennial cock sucker. You see pages, and on those pages there are letters, that make words, making sentences, making paragraphs, which make pages. In these pages are ideas, tribulations, titrations, spelling errors, lost causes, wrong turns, two left shoes and only one right foot, the means to justify and end, because sadness begets sadness sans thought, sans prayer, sans hope, sans love. Because every demoralizing, solopcistic, disgusting, notorious for getting you thrown out of every wedding and birthday party emotion that plagues you internally is never going to leave you. People always say it gets better I promise. If a promise is an unfulfilled truth that hangs on a thread of hopeful destitution, only to end up violating every childlike part of you that you had left in your starry eyed mind. Then it gets better. I promise.
For those of you that don't buy in to the Hallmark card bullshit that has been reheated a thousand times and fed to you the same number of times thinking that it's different when you find out it's the same tuna casserole you had for lunch on Tuesday, and decided that tuna casserole is for quitters, and people who have reached the end before they even got to the beginning, welcome. Let me let you in on a secret. You have to fight for things!
Life is going to put you through a gauntlet of broken hearts, missed opportunities, cataclysmic emotional traumas that make Hercules seem like a third grader getting over his fear of stage fright. It isn't pretty nor is it fair, nothing you do will ever be good enough so if you really think that you can go along and whistle Zippity fucking Doo Da and play life like a 2 dollar recorder flute then you have got it all wrong. You have to right your own stories. There is no typo in that I mean with 100% of my being that you have to right your own stories.
Life isn't just some do it yourself novel when you finish and you have the result that you get and you just give up and say "well that was fun guess I'll try again later." Fuck you, life is already written for you and what you have to do is find ever part that goes wrong and fix it don't fuck around and pretend that it will be easier just to let it work it self out because at the end of the day you will be alone 80 years old sitting in a puddle of your own piss and shit and feebly try to remember how you got to where you are now and I can tell you how. It's because you sit on your ass and twiddle your thumbs watching everything get ahead of you and when it does surprise you can't your own pathetic life from a manilla folder. Right your own story and be grateful your have one worth righting.