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You're welcome Step into this haven where no judgement is held. Dont just stand at my doorway here i help you leave no traces of you outside that other find you For if your life were a movie no title would be as fitting as "the Maze Runner, the heart edition" for in this screenplay everyone fought to get out, here we allow you to feel safe, coming in. Forget neither your baggage or luggage for this house is safe enough to carry both patient enough for you to unload, strong enough to hold the load loving enough to hold you in your load and comforting enough for you to cry on me the load Make yourself comfortable In the coldest winters this fire place will keep you warm enjoy the video view of the chimney smoking out X's and O's For in this game it takes more than 3 of those to end and cross me Get use to the "I like you" and "I love you" posters and photoframes Those are only for those who've made it this far, and have chosen to stay Dont mind my neatness, sometimes i exercise mystery for fear of the house losing its of being a home By this time as you go upstairs you'll notice that this flight of soft carpetry whispers to you, welcome home Excuse the scratch marks, the broken mirrors, The empty wine bottle, the cup stain on the table the fingerprint on the bathroom taps, the edge burnt curtains Those arent memoirs but history of someone who enjoyed the pleasantry of house, made it their home left their imprints as an "i was here" stain. This master room is only fit for a queen that choose to make this house their home. Therefore as you take ownership the only clause to this contract, Is that you leave all disguises and masks outside in the rubbish dump. For this home will only fulfill its function when it loves the truest you.