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I think their hydrification technique is cool and the fact that taijutsu can't work on them is awesome. HOZUKI CLAN: the hozuki clan is a group of ninja that settled in the kirigakure after the ending of the warring states period. members of the clan posses the ability to turn their bodies into liquid state using hydrification technique. But the ability require them to be hydrated always and as such two(2) members are known to carry water bottles with them.
The name 'Hozuki' means 'Demon Lantern'. All known members' names end with 'getsu', which means 'moon' known members: -Gengetsu Hozuki (2nd Mizukage) -Mangetsu -Suigetsu the clan is known to produce at least one Mizukage of the village.
Jutsu: * drowning water blob technique * hydrification technique * water balloon technique * water gun - two guns technique * water gun technique * water release: great water arm * water release: Tabe Eboshi references: Naruto chapter 347, page 12 Naruto chapter 523, page 14 @tayhar18920
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