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JiminxReader Chapter 4: Life was great. You had everything you ask for. Health, family, love, success, everything seemed wonderful and like there was nothing that could ruin that for you.. So you thought.. . . . Jimin's POV You dropped her phone and ran out the room, leaving the rest of the guys yelling at you, asking "what happened" and if "everything was okay" No. Nothing is okay. I needed to find her and fast. You ran to the elevator at the end of the hall rapidly pressing the button then pressing on the the fourth floor button, where all the offices were. It felt like forever until the elevator doors opened once again. You sprinted down the hall, looking into the glass doors of each meeting room, looking for her. She was no where. You checked every room. Where? WHERE?! Where could she be?! Your head was spinning, then you saw her boss, your manager. "AH!! Sir! Sir!" You yell and you run towards your manager, trying to catch your breath "Jimin?" He looks at you confused "what are you doing here?" "Sir! H-have you seen her?!" He already knew who you were talking about, given your relationship "Ah? She is at a very important meeting in the CEOs office. Whatever it is you need can wait about 10 more minutes." "NO! Sir, you don't understand, I need to get to her NOW!" "Jimin you can't-" he said sternly, but you didn't have time for that. You needed to get to her, so before he could finish his next word you ran back into the elevator up to the CEOs office. You couldn't have gotten there any slower, disregarding security and everyone else freaking out because you were running like a maniac towards the CEOs office door, as you were about to open the door when all of a sudden you felt someone grab you and pull you away. "What?!" You started to freak out, the security guard grabbed you by the waist and hoisted you to the opposite side of the hall "Shit!" Tears started to well up in your eyes "SHIT!" You began to bawl "NO! No I need to get in there!! My girlfriend is in there!! I need her to come with me right now!" "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that. I was given strict orders to not let anyone interrupt the meeting." You struggled, trying to escape the grasp of the man, but there was no use. You gave up. Your body went limp. He put you down against the wall opposite to the door and you just sit there, lifeless, crying, and useless. First you couldn't help her when she first found out about her father and now you can't tell her, her father was awake for god knows how long till his time was up. And you can't do anything. You just sit and wait. . . . Your POV "Okay, thank you very much, I look forward to what this year has in store for us." Not. You could honestly care less right now. The only thing on your mind was your father. How was he? What's going on right now? You bow as the meeting comes to an end, you look at the clock; 1:30 Only a few more hours till you were done. As you were about to open the door you hand froze on the door knob. All of a sudden you felt like you needed to throw up. It's was weird, you hadn't even eaten, so you disregarded it and opened the door.
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