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Well I woke up to something great! My bias Myungsoo鈾♀櫋 he always said that he wanted to be known for his singing and not his looks. Now he got that.... and his good looks God. I knew he was good but didn't know he was THAT good. What a surprise. 鞁康.
Killed me. So talented.
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wowww 馃槏 I wanna hear his voice toooo~ haha but I love this show and many idols have also been on it, and it was so amazing to just hear them sing and still loving it without knowing who it even is
Has Captian of our Local been revealed yet?
@LemonLassie no not yet!
@Romeee really!? gah they need to cause that voice is....omg just omg
@LemonLassie gosh so amazing!