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Sorry for the undertake reference, I've been addicted to watching its let's plays - especially Jacksepticeye
Anyway, I know that the Yoongi Imagine is barely started - I'm writing chapter 25 as it is! But I just wanted to inform you that I'm starting a new fanfiction as well. It will be about Block B and it will be called Jackpot. Recently, I've got into Block B and I can't stop watching a handful of their music videos. Therefore, I based the fanfiction on the Jackpot and Very Good music video mainly but I'll definitely keep in details from other music videos as well.
This is the description or intro to the fanfiction if you are interested: Y/N is the girlfriend of U-Kwon who is part of a mafia gang called Block B. Her best friend Taeil is also part of this gang. Although Y/N isn't part of the gang, she hangs around with them all the time. She assists them in robbing a bank and going to a casino and claiming as much cash as possible. The leader P.O is the one who allows Y/N to stay with them. It's not until they face a rival gang head on that Y/N realises she can never be safe around Block B.
OMAGAWD LOVE!!! Please tag me!!
Oooh!!! Saucy!! I love it!!
This sounds really interesting ! (-: could I be tagged in this story?
Yay!! So love Block B馃槅
it looks really interesting!
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