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WARNING: Mature content

- Hoseok's point of view - I can't believe this kid is arguing with me and today of all days. "Please, hyung!" "I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again. No." He follows behind me as I walk to the door. He's been following me around all day, pleading his case. "And I'll ask you a hundred more times! Please!" I stop abruptly and turn around. "Why?" "Because it's not fair!" "What isn't fair?" "That only you get to say goodbye and see her off!" "I'm her boyfriend, genius! That's perfectly fair! Why are you being so annoyingly persistent over this! It's not like you to be so damn fussy." Jungkook looks down and pouts. He's being stubborn and that's not something he usually does. Not with me anyway. "I'm not being fussy. Toddlers are fussy." "Exactly. I called you fussy for a reason. It seems like the behavior described as the "terrible two's" wouldn't you agree?" He's getting more pouty. "No. I'm much more logical than an infant." "That may be so, however you're not taking no for an answer, much like a child wouldn't. You're also raising your voice to try and get your way." He sighs and looks at me with the most pleading, pitiful puppy dog look. "Please, hyung. I just want to say goodbye and see her off. I won't bug you two or make you uncomfortable. I'll leave you alone when you want to say goodbye." "But-" He looks like he just got the idea of the century. "And! And!" "And what?" "If fans find us, I can keep them busy while you say goodbye in peace!" That's actually a good point. He's a bright kid sometimes. "That's not a bad idea." "Does that mean I can go?" He looks so eager that I can't possibly say no. "Sure. Don't be troublesome though." "Promise!" - Boram's point of view - It was unavoidable apparently. As much as I'm happy to be seen off by my boyfriend, I still worry. I don't want to be approached by fans when he's saying goodbye to me. That'd be so unfair. Not only that, but to make us only more noticeable Jungkook came with. Hoseok couldn't get him to change his mind. He said he'd be a good distraction if fans come, but this might make us easier to spot. It's a strange time for a flight though and I'm sure it'll be safe since it's not all that crowded. Just seems like businessmen are here. Also, no one knows they'll be here meaning no one will be looking for them. Hoseok nudges me. "Stop worrying." Jungkook tries to reassure me. "Everything will go smoothly. I'm the distraction remember?" "You're not just a distraction, you're my friend. You're not a tool to be used. You being here is very appreciated and it means a lot to me." He keeps walking and has a little pep in his step. He's such a cute guy. Hoseok clears his throat. I shoot him a look. "Do I need to start carrying cough-drops for your throat? It's very prominent when I'm around the guys." He pouts. "Don't pout." Jungkook pipes in. "Yeah, hyung. It's not very manly." Legitimate irritation shows on his face as he responds. "As if you're one to talk about being manly. At least I'm not afraid of girls." Jungkook's brow furrows. That was a bit insulting. It certainly wasn't a playful jab. "Oh yeah? Well, I'm not afraid of everything else in the world! Like snakes, heights, ghosts, amusement park rides, and-" "Shut up!" There was too much venom in those words. "Guys please stop. I'm literally in the middle of you two being petty. Hoseok, don't pick on Jungkook. Jungkook, don't pick on Hoseok either. Can we get along and be civil when you say goodbye to me?" They look embarrassed for having to be told to get along. It's probably not like them to argue. I sigh and smile. They're such characters. "Lighten up. You two are being fussy." Jungkook laughs and points at Hoseok. "She called you fussy! That's what they call toddlers, right? The "terrible two's" is what you said!" Hoseok sticks his tongue out at him. At least he's joking. I giggle. "I take it he called you fussy today?" He nods. "He said I was being annoying and fussy because I kept asking to come with." I shove Hoseok a little. "That's not nice. Can you blame him for wanting to come with? I mean, it is me after all." He laughs. "Don't get full of yourself." "I'll try not to, babe." Jungkook snickers to himself. "Babe." "Someday you'll have a girl to call you pet names as well." Hoseok throws out his two cents. "Gotta talk to them first. Hell, you gotta make eye contact with them before that even." I pinch him. "Ow!" I talk quietly so Jungkook can't hear. "Could you not be so cruel? That's not how you help someone change. You're being kind of a jerk today. Why?" "Because two is company, three is a crowd." "Three is my friend." "He's mine too. But I wanted it to be just one and two today." "I know it's unexpected, but it's hardly the end of the world. Therefore, there's no need to be crabby. He said he'd leave us alone to say goodbye right?" "Yeah." "Then we'll ask him to do exactly that when the time comes." He grabs my hand as we walk. "Okay, I'll cheer up." "Thank you." ... We get to the gate with time to spare so we all sit and talk for a bit until the plane arrives. I eventually notice people coming out of the gate. "I suppose we should get to the farewells, huh." They nod as I stand up. Jungkook gets up first. Again I gesture for him to hug me and he does. I have to force my words out. "You're crushing me." He loosens up. "Sorry." "Do you want me not to forget you so badly that you want to leave me with a broken rib to remember you by?" He laughs. "Maybe." "Next time I see you, I'll probably be moving to town." "I'm looking forward to it." As I'm letting go, I press my cheek to his and make a kiss noise. I'm not sure where I picked that habit up, but my family has done it for years. Hoseok jumps to his feet. "What was that kiss!" "It wasn't a kiss. I just touched my cheek to his and made the noise. Now chill." "You kissed his cheek!" "I didn't. You obviously couldn't see." Jungkook is just standing there a bit wide-eyed and blushing. That face doesn't help my case. He appears to snap back to reality. "No hyung, she didn't. She really did just touch my cheek. It's fine." Hoseok sighs. "Fine." He waves Jungkook off. "Shoo." He sticks his tongue out at Hoseok before smiling at me. "Goodbye. Have a safe flight noona." I end up reflexively smiling like an idiot. I know it's common to call older girls noona, but he's the only one who called me that. So cute. "You mean, see you later." He nods. "See you later." He walks away leaving us alone to bid our farewells. Hoseok takes my hands in his. "I'm so happy you came here." "So am I." "You have no idea how much I learned about you. I think this truly furthered our relationship." "I feel the same way." I don't have much to say, he's taking the words out of my mouth. "This last year was too long." "It was." "This next one will seem even longer." "It will." "But we'll endure it." "Yes we will. He wraps his arms around my waist. "You promise?" "Cross my heart." "Good. I'm glad we could make ourselves known and let the world see that we're in love." I wrap my arms around his neck. "Me too. I'm thankful everything went as smoothly as it did." "I'm with you on that one." "I have so much planning to do. As long as a year seems, it's really short when you plan on moving to another country." "Very true. But I can help. Well, I can try to help." "I'll be grateful." "And you'll be eternally in my debt." "Is that so, oh royal king Hoseok?" "Yes my loyal citizen." "And if I can't pay these debts?" He pulls me close to him and talks in a hushed tone. "Then you'll work them off." "No cruel and unusual punishment though, right?" "Not cruel, no." "You forgot unusual." "I didn't forget, unusual punishment sounds interesting. I'll think of some creative ways you can pay me back." "Surprise me, okay?" "Believe me, you'll be eager to please your ruler." "I'm already interested. By the way, why aren't I ever the queen?" "That's obvious." "Then why?" "We have to get married first. That's how a monarchy works. Open a book once in a while." I grin at the mention of marriage. It's comforting that he'll bring it up without hesitation. "You're right. How misguided of me." "But guess what." "What?" "You are now and forever will be, my goddess." I want to cry. No, I want this to be a pleasant send off. Let the tears quietly fall on the plane. "That's...you're just too much. I can't handle you sometimes." "Why?" "The usual reasons." "Which are?" "You're too caring, too sweet, your words are too beautiful, and the look in your eyes is so full of emotion. I can't take it." "I'm sorry you feel that way, but that's how I'll always be." "I never said I wanted you to change. Those are the things I never want to lose." "What else? What are you going to miss about me?" "You're being mean." "I'm being selfish and putting you on the spot. It'll make me feel better. It's the last time for a year that I'll hear your voice in person." I sigh. "I'll do you that favor then. I'll miss your smile." "Who wouldn't?" I giggle. "Shut up. I'll miss your bright eyes." "They are pretty dazzling aren't they?" I shake my head as I smile. "I'll miss you being a smart ass, because at least I can pinch you when I'm in person." "I'm not gonna miss that." "Of course you wouldn't. Maybe I'll get you a shock collar for when I come back." "Cruel and unusual punishment?" "Damn right." "There's gotta be more things to miss." "There are. I'll miss you holding me as we sleep." "Sleeping by myself is going to be difficult." I laugh. "Have one of the boys share a bed with you." "That's not funny. I might have to. Probably Jimin. He's small." "I'll have to tell him not to seduce you." "It may not work." "I'll threaten him." "That'd probably work." "Now where was I? I'll miss your gorgeous body." "Even my tummy?" "Especially your tummy. I like some meat on your bones." "Well, thank you. But what about my body will you miss the most?" He winks. He's never going to not be cheesy. "I'll miss having sex." "That's a no brainer." "Still worth mentioning." "Yeah it is." "You're cocky." "It's warranted." I shrug. "You got me there. So what are you going to miss?" He lets out an exasperated sigh. "There's too much to mention, you'd miss your flight." "Give me the main points then." "You'd still miss your flight." "You keep wasting time and I definitely will!" "I'll miss you being loud with me. I never thought I'd meet a girl who could be as loud and silly as me." "That's not true." "You're right. You're way weirder than I am." I pinch his arm. "Ow!" "I had to get one in before I left." "Anyway, I'll miss you petting my head." "I'll miss your purrs." "Shut up. I'll miss waking up and seeing you. Or you waking me up with that sweet voice of yours." "I'll miss seeing you in a daze like you are when you wake up. You have such a hard time waking up. It's cute." "I'm always cute. I'll miss how you always push my hair out of my face." "It looks so much better that way." "I know. Oh! I'll look forward to dancing with you when you come back!" "Me too." "Some time you'll have to give me a..." His cheeks blush a little. "A what?" "Never mind." I suppose he doesn't want to hurt my feelings. I know exactly what he wants. "You won't get it if you don't ask." His cheeks are burning. "You know." I smirk. "I don't. I'm absolutely clueless." "I hate you." "I love you. Tell me. I'm not going to be hurt. It's a very normal thing to request." I don't think I've ever seen him be this shy and quiet. "When you come back can you give me a, well, like a private dance?" I laugh a little. "You gonna pay me?" He laughs. "You're terrible." "I'm worth the cost. Trust me." "I believe it. Do you take credit?" I put my hand on his cheek and run my thumb over his lower lip. "Actually, you can repay me with something else." He bites his lip. "Can I prepay?" I nod and pull him into a kiss. We're in public, at an airport, I know people are looking, but I couldn't care less. It's just a kiss or two, or ten. He stops and rests his forehead against mine. "Consider that a down payment." "I'll remember that. Look forward to it." "You don't have to tell me." I hear the ticket sections being called over the speaker. "Time for me to leave." He hugs me and his voice is tight as he speaks. "I don't want to let you leave. It's not fair." "Please don't cry." "I don't know how you're not." "It's not easy. I really want to, but I can't right now." "I shouldn't be. But it's so hard Boram. It's so damn hard. I've done some difficult things in my life, but this is breaking my heart. It feels like you're leaving forever." "It's only a year." "There's no such thing as "only a year." That's forever for a heart." "I know. But then I'll be here to stay." "That's the only way I'll be able to stand this." "Same." He suddenly kisses me. He kisses me hard, but I can feel the sadness. I can feel his tears. He's so emotional. I talk between kisses. "Hoseok." "No." "Hoseok." "No." "I need to-" "No!" He stops and starts crying hard. "I can't! This is hard!" I put his head on my shoulder, talking in a soft tone as though I'm trying to calm a child. I pet his head in an attempt to comfort him. "I know. I know. But I need to leave. I'll call you as soon as I land. Everything will be fine." He shakes his head. "No it won't! It won't be fine if you're not here." "You're strong. I know you can make it." "I won't." "You will. Just throw yourself into your work. Write songs. Choreograph dances. Practice your beautiful singing. Time will fly by." "I just-" "No. No more. I don't want to hear you say you can't. Because you can. You have friends that will support you and lift your spirits." He sighs and his breathing evens out. "Okay." "I love you." "I love you, too. So much." "I'll call you later." "I'll answer." He let's go of me and holds my hands. He stares at them for a moment and then kisses the top of them. When he let's them go I reach out and wipe some tears off his cheeks. "I'll see you later." He nods. I think he's said all he can and if he says another word he's going to break down. I motion Jungkook over. He's been watching since Hoseok started being loud. "It's a good thing Jungkook came, huh? Now you won't have to be by yourself." He nods. Jungkook comes over and puts his arm around Hoseok's shoulders. "That's right. I'm here for you." I turn around and talk over my shoulder as I walk away. "Bye guys." They both wave sadly and I face forward. As I hand my ticket to the woman by the gate, I look over at them. Jungkook flashes me a smile and gives me a thumbs up. He's going to be there for Hoseok. I can't hear him, but I can see that Hoseok's saying I love you. I discretely blow him a kiss. Before i turn to walk away I see that it brought a small smile to his face. I find my seat and sit down. It doesn't take long before tears are spilling over my cheeks. I'm quietly crying and I can feel people's eyes on me. They're probably irritated to have to deal with this. At least I have the decency to be quiet about it. This is going to be a rough flight. This is going to be a rough year.
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my heart is breaking :(
😭😭😭 the feels. Poor Hoseok.. So emotional. 😭✈️
everyone is so understanding, I'm just a stickler and don't like waiting so long
@LemonLassie I know. this next/final chapter is going to be pretty fricken long in comparison and that's why I'm taking forever. Plus some mod and support stuff is piling up and ugh...just. I feel like an awful writer for missing my "deadline" that I set for myself
omg i finally caught up. And I feel like im on that damn plane crying my eyes out. So emotional, i cant wait for the year to be over
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