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You ready?

Thanks in advance for playing~♡ find your name (if you don't remember what you picked) swipe right for your result! (:


New? Catch up! WWYFF? BTS pt.1 || results WWYFF? BTS pt.2 || results WWYFF? BTS pt.3 || results


Who bought you this food!?

You Suga stans, I swear xD if the face gave it away why didn't you vote for something else lol (jokes!!~)

Ah...always fun to see what everyone picks |・ω・)

Btw, have you been keeping up?

What's your background (from pt.1)? Who's in your contact list (from pt.2)? Who just bought you this meal (from pt.3)? *Scroll to the beginning if you haven't caught up yet!

Again, thanks for playing! ♡

I see to be geting Suga so far. that's ok he is one of my bias.
I feel bad xD Jin Tae is in my contacts Namjoon bought me a meal
hahahaha Its so fitting that I didn't pick my bias but my bias wrecker instead! 😂😂
I can't help that Jimin and I are just meant to be... 😝😍
Hahaha - JHope...the big flirt! 😊💜
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