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@AshleyJohansen what about Minato ( Naruto's Dad )
btw can someone explain why itachi was bad for so long then it turns out he was actually good or something... I haven't gotten into Naruto that much aside from the Saturday morning episodes that play but yeah still don't understand 馃槼
@ZakariahForbes The clan was planning to overthrow the Hokage, Itachi was Minato's personal anbu black ops ninja. Itachi was the "double agent" because he was so close to the Hokage. The clan thought that he was more loyal to the clan than he was to the village, turned out the clan was wrong. Itachi killed his clan to stop the disaster from happening. But he couldnt kill his little brother, he left him the the 3rd Hokage. And told him to protect Sasuke, and the Hokage allowed Itachi to come back to the village whenever he wanted to check on his little brother. He joined the Atkaski (however you spell it) to keep a closer eye on the village, and his brother. When Sasuke killed Itachi, he learned the real truth behind the fact that he had to kill his clan, it killed him. And Sasuke was planning to destroy the village in order to avenge him. But Itachi was brought back to life, and told Sasuke that he should protect the village at all costs. The reason why his death hit all of us so hard is because before his death, we all learned what had really happened in order to have killed his clan, but saved his brother. If you go back through some episodes you can find out everything.
@AshleyJohansen gahddamn馃槮 that's some heavy stuff... we find this out in Shippuden right?