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Regardless of your stance on LGBT Americans, as fellow humans please stand together with the victims and families. Please donate blood if you're able to. Please spread as much love today as you can. It is LBGT Pride Month. In light of this attack remember to be proud of who you are and for every other human being who is also themselves.
@Animaniafreak @SimplyAwkward we live in a country with more laws restricting love than restricting violence. It's so sad.
Thank you so much for the card! And yes, this is a very sad and tragic event. I live in Orlando, Florida and this literally happened like 30 to 45 minutes from my house. I have close friends that like to attend that club and luckily they were home that night
My heart goes out to the victims and their families, so many lives gone to waste needlessly.... One would've thought after so many mass shooting incidents, guns should be banned nationally, yet here we are, a very sad day in indeed...
never have I thought I would be scared of the world right after the shooting and realizing my campus starting in the fall would be a gun carrying campus
It was very scary! And thank you so much again! It's not my community, but I'm a very strong supporter 😊
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