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A they got this!
yes according to the creator the strongest character in the naruto universe is as strong as napa so Kaguya she is as strong as napa
also the creator of naruto has said that mascara at his strongest is as strong as nappa
b itachi would fuck both of them up
These comparisons are dumb.. tbh... no they could not win... Kaguya and the 10 tails can blow up and warp worlds just as easily.. Naruto, Sasuke, 4th and 2nd hokage, all the raikages can teleport just as fast... not to mention they can't break out an infinite tskiynomi or sishui's genjustu... people will say they can but in what basis? "oh they can break out because they can blow up worlds" 馃槀馃槀 last time I checked goku and vegeta did die multiple times as well... their pretty weak in their own universe. and if those two can beat all those ppl from naruto then saitama can one punch both goku and vegeta out of commission tbh.
@JustinCuellar damn right! thank you for also knowing this fact! not to discourage anyone else's vote
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