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Oasis of Snow
Sorrows and sorrows, the seeds are sown Sparrows and narrows, the birds have flown Deep into the sun, I find no gain A blast into the past, opaque and plain Mysteries shall unravel at stroke of night Huffing and Puffing, and not so bright Distance I see, with no one in sight Just my soul and the bright moonlight I open my eyes and find clear blue sky I open my mind and the thoughts just fly I open my heart and the pain just dies I open my soul and it’s a million dyes I rework my life, delicate as clay I rework my faults, like a needle in hay I rework the moments and keep it bay I reworked it all needless to say
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I enjoyed reading (rhymin) this piece in my mind...each line is so harmonious with the next, yet you somehow managed to use line ending words that may not appear to keep rhyme....but when reading/singing it....the continuity is present which makes it fun to rhyme it to myself again...hope I see more sweet pieces like that.
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@IrinaMarkovskay thanks for your review. Appreciate it.
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Glad you like it. Looking forward to your collections as well
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