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Thank you for teaching me that hip hop isn't all about drugs and sex. thank you for teaching me to stay humble and selfless, no matter how much I succeeded in life.
Thank you for your kind, caring atmosphere. Your actions of love and support, always willing to help those around you and never turn a blind eye.
Thank you for teaching me about life's darkest secrets. That no matter what your ambitions are, they will always turn against you even your loved ones. For letting me see a side of music I never thought could be possible, but you made it so through your craft.
Thank you for showing me how to dance through the hurricanes. That hard work and dedication can lead you where you never thought you'd go. Thank you for teaching me to never hold back the tears. That the ones who smile the most cry the most as well.
Thank you for your selflessness. For teaching me to put others before yourself. You taught me how to care for others and give them everything they desire, even if it may leave you with nothing in the end.
Thank you for showing me that being different is okay. Thank you for teaching me that originality isn't something society wants from a person and you can be successful just by wearing your own smile.
Thank you for being young. For showing me the joys and downfalls of being the youngest one. Thank you for letting me see that your age doesn't promise an easy path.
Thank you so much for what you have done. For showing me that being famous isn't all fun and games. That people will knock you down and the enemy will always be there, even when you think it's all over. Thank you for showing me that with work comes patience and with patience comes doubt. Regret. Sweat. Pain. Tears. In the end, you can make a masterpiece out of your downfalls.
Even though I've only known you for a year it feels like I've always been there. You are my light. You inspire me to do things I'd never thought I'd want t do years ago. Thank you for helping me open up doors for new ideas and new possibilities. Thank you for 3 years of your existence, an existence that makes me so proud of what you do and I promise I will continue to support you, even when the name Bangtan ceases to exist.
Yep. Sometimes we forget that even those these guys are cute and funny, they've also helped us mature and change for the better. Thank you for this card~ πŸ’– It was DOPE!! (Hehehe. Had to make a BTS reference. 😊)
@minimanim3 yes! that's another thing I love about them. Their lyrics actually have meaning and can make you feel emotional at times
@Francelli they werent my 1st group but they were the group that got me into boy groups cuz id only listen to girl groups. but yea kpop is definitely unique especially khiphop. i dont really listen to a lot of american rappers cuz they all literay talk about the same thing nowadays. but after reading the raps from BTS's Move i literally teared up and got a lil emotional. korean rappers actually know what to talk about. its also because of kpop that made me find my love and appreciation in music
@Francelli its been 3 yrs since ive been into kpop too. but i just got into them last year. i really wish i was there from the beginning but either im so happy for them
wow I can't believe it's been 3 years already. As well as 3 years since I got into kpop. They've come so far and have taught me many things too. I hope for many more years to come along with their success. 😊
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