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Every Monday and Wednesday Jimin has a break between classes from 2pm to 4pm. And every Monday and Wednesday he camps out in the coffee shop on campus. After buying his customary caramel macchiato, he settles in for his regularly scheduled study session. What Jimin doesn't know is that every Monday and Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm, Yoongi camps out in a corner of the same coffee shop. Lately he's been taking tables where he's far enough from Jimin to not easily be spotted but close enough to still see him. Who wouldn't want to stare at that bronze Adonis? Yoongi was pretty sure Jimin wasn't born. He was created by supernatural powers because he was angel level perfection. Yoongi had been debating for weeks but he hadn’t been able to work up the courage to go over and say hello. “He probably doesn’t even like guys.” Yoongi whined to his best friend Hoseok. Dramatically throwing his arm over his eyes, Yoongi heaved a heavy sigh. “You won’t ever know if you don’t ask.” Hoseok said, not even bothering to look up from his phone. “Oh yeah because that’s so easy.” the elder grumbled. “What am I supposed to say? ‘Oh, hey Jimin, can I borrow your notes from last class? Ps. Chicks, dicks, or both?” Hoseok rolled his eyes. “You don’t have to be so dramatic Yoongi hyung. Ask if he has a girlfriend. If he says no, ask if he has a boyfriend. Boom you have your answer.” Shaking his head to rid himself of the memory, Yoongi tried to focus on his homework, but every so often he’d look up to steal a quick glance of Jimin while he studied. The way Jimin bit his lip while he concentrated was enough to drive Yoongi wild. Soon enough, 4pm rolled around and Yoongi watched as Jimin packed his things and left. “I’m really going to have to man up and talk to him outside of class.” Yoongi sighed “Maybe Wednesday.”
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this is so cute! "p.s chicks, dicks or both" 😂😂
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why? why? why?!?! keeping me hanging it's so interesting and thrilling to read what happens next
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