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"I know this is a SUPER unpopular opinion so i am just gonna say it. I can't stand CL, Song Jihyo, and Amber. I just don't see the appeal these people have. 1. CL is trying too hard to be the "baddest female" so she seems so fake to me. I tried to like her but she seems so fake I just can't. She is also the reason I don't like 2NE1 (yes I would prefer if minzy stayed and she left). 2. Song Jihyo's voice sounds whiny to me and if you have seen Running Man she is rude yea she is the "ace" but she is sooo full of herself it gives me migranes. 3. Amber is a tom boy which I honestly don't care about but what else is she? her ENTIRE character is based on her refusal to wear a dress and it surprises me that people aren't bored with that yet. Amber has a flat one dimentional character that has NOTHING new to bring to Kpop. There I said it and God almighty does it feel good to finally get that off my chest. If you don't agree that's fine I just think that they are all OVERRATED."
Okay, so I found that in a card on here, not sure if you guys saw it or not, but I just wanted to say something about it. Why? Why do people just want to hate on Kpop idols for like no reason? I'm sorry, but I just hate people like this. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't freaking post a card and tell people how you feel.
First of all, CL is amazing, so she has no reason to be hated on. She earned the titled as "The Baddest Female" and she ain't acting either. CL is also no where near fake. Just because she is "The Baddest Female" and in most of her songs, she acts tough and everything, doesn't make her fake. And just because you don't like CL doesn't mean you don't have to like 2NE1, I mean. So what if she's the leader and main rapper, that doesn't mean you have to hate on the group as well. And I'mma be honest with you guys, I really didn't like CL at first (Only because she was shipped with Jiyong. Stupid, I know) Which I strongly regret now. But just because I didn't like her at first, didn't mean I put hate out on her and called her fake and everything. You people really need to rethink things before you freaking say them. CL is now my freaking female crush, my queen, and she really is The Baddest Female. Second, I don't even know who Song Jihyo is, so I can't really say anything about her. But again, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't post a freaking card saying those things!! Third, DON'T EVER DIS AMBER!!! God dang!!! AMBER GETS SO MUCH FREAKING HATE AND I AM ASHAMED THAT YOU WOULD CALK YOURSELF A FREAKING FAN OF KPOP IF YOU'RE GOING TO DIS ONE OF THE GREATEST!!! HOW FREAKING DARE YOU?!? SO FREAKING WHAT SHE'S A TOMBOY, I'M ONE AS WELL!!!! GOD DANG!!! "NOTHING NEW TO KPOP" WTF?!?! WHAT IS NEW THEN!?!?! BECAUSE AMBER IS A GREAT RAPPER AND SINGER THAT BRINGS A LOT INTO KPOP!!!! UGH!!!! I NEED TO FREAKING CALM DOWN!!! GOSHDAMN!!!! I'm sorry for all this, and for all the hate and stuff, but this really just made me mad. Why would you say these things about these amazing people. I understand it's your fucking opinion. But I respectfully disagree with your opinion. Sorry for snapping again. Card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1628043?asrc=copylink
There was a comment that I saw and I really love this comment, because this is really how I feel. Look at the pictures! Again sorry for spanning, but it had to be said.
I just finished reading the original card and comments when I saw this card and like I'm just like wow, First of all I don't understand how ppl can "hate" someone they don't even know, Second to call someone "one dimensional" or "fake" when all you have seen them on is a tv screen and apparently haven't taken the time to learn more about these PEOPLE bc some of us seem to forget they are HUMAN too, so I can't say anything about cl bc I like her music but I don't follow her very much so I feel like I can't speak on a fans behalf but from some of the things I have seen of her, yes she does have title of "baddest female" and that's bc she is a role model for a lot of female rappers who are few and far between in a music style dominated by men and on the few shows I've seen her on they comments on the fact that she's actually really shy and nice in person despite her "tough" image but just my opinion based on limited knowledge, let's now go to Song Jihyo who is I believe an amazing actress who is a bit quirky at times and I think she is not whiny, since we're seemingly using running man as a judge of her character then two can play at that game, if you in fact watch running you would notice two things, despite being the only female she doesn't want special treatment bc from the beginning of the show she worked hard for them to treat her the same as the rest of the male cast, second she actually also a good role model for women as well, she shows that you can be yourself and you can be rough like the boys and still be female too and on a side note there was actually a episode when they talked about their real feelings about their running man characters and she confessed that she thought she should quit bc she didn't want to be a burden and there was a time that doing the show got hard for her and she didn't want to look like she was complaining BECAUSE she was the only female and ppl would just say she was "whiny" but again just my opinion based on limited knowledge, As for Amber I don't know much,but saying she brings nothing new to kpop is an opinion but for me one that is untrue mostly because of what someone has determined to be a "one dimensional" character, no being a tomboy isn't some new idea but it also isn't one openly embraced to be a part of what an "ideal" female should be, I have seen a lot of female idols that start off with a tomboy look but conform to the ideal female look because they don't want the pressure that comes with being the odd man out, not every female wants to wear dresses why is this even still a big deal in this age we live in I don't even know, tbpfh I don't think that anyone who doesn't personally know these people to make comments on there character based convoluted evidence that they didn't even take time to collect but that is again my humble opinion
she should've know that vingle is basically made up of kpop fans who will do anything for their idols
@jimin21abs thank you. The author decided to call me a bitch, fucktard, and a child for it but hey at least I was defending Amber.
Psh CL doesn't have to try. She IS the baddest female. Really I don't mind if people have their own opinions about this, but her reasons really don't have a lot of basis. I'm not mad or anything but yeah I like CL. I don't really know Amber but I don't think she deserves hate. I have never heard Song Jihyo's songs but again I just don't see any reason to hate. If you don't like an idol than just stay away. Isn't it that simple? If you can't like 2NE1, don't like 2NE1. There ya go.
Lol so the first thing I saw when I opened this card was "I can't stand cl, song jihyo, and Amber" and I was so ready to roast you for hating on my faves 馃槀. Good thing I read all the way through. Song Jihyo is an actress and the only female member of Running Man btw. I suppose I can understand some of this person's reasons, but I don't agree with them at all. Not wearing dresses does not make Amber one dimensional in any way. Amber is such an inspirational personal person and she's so much more than just "the girl who doesn't wear dresses". CL doesn't seem fake to me at all. She IS the baddest female. She's a freaking QUEEN. Just because whoever originally posted this doesn't like CL is doesn't make it right to hate the entire group.
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