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Okay unicorns, time to find out if it was truly meant to be for you and your love!

Drumroll please..........


All rounds here!

Good news! Everybody gets a happy ending! I'm not mean enough to want you to lose your UNIQ boyfriend; so let's see how you guys patched things up shall we?

It's been six months since things ended on a rough note. Since then you have learned your lesson and have become more aware of your surroundings. You realized not everyone is who they appear to be and it is not always safe to be so trusting. Your ex has heard that things have been going well for you in this aspect. He's heard that you've matured. He's also heard that you continue to turn down anyone's advances. He believes this to be because you haven't moved on. Which is something he is very happy to hear. Truth be told, he misses you greatly. And knowing that you've been staying safe and out of trouble is a great indicator that he's ready to be in a relationship with you. Being as it was extremely stressful to watch out for and worry about you is something that kept your relationship from moving forward. He's eager though to try to fall in love again. He doesn't want to lose you. He already did once, and if you turn him down, he's going to work hard to get you back. One day you hear a knock at your door. You go and look out the peep hole and see him meekly standing there, hands in his pockets and looking at the ground. You are surprised to see him, but interested in his reason for coming after such a long time. You open the door, but say nothing. You wait for him to speak up. He glances up and sees your somewhat icy glare, quickly averting his eyes once again. "I've heard you've been doing well." Your answer is blunt. "I have." "I'm glad." There's a long pause and you aren't sure what he wants, but looking at him is starting to irritate you. Did he come here to mock you? Did he come here to reopen your wound? "Look. I'm watching something, it's live and I can't pause it so-" "I want you back!" What the hell? Seriously? "After this long you come over here asking me to get back with you? You dumped me in the most pathetic and cruel way, and I'm supposed to run into your arms?" "Well, I miss-" You scoff at him. "Miss what? Watching over me constantly like I'm a child. Guess what, I'm doing just fine on my own. Turns out I don't need a babysitter. Bye." You try to shut the door, but he stops it and looks at you with pleading eyes. "Please! I know you don't need a babysitter. I want to be your boyfriend!" You open the door fully again. "You're not a burden. You never were, I just worried so much about you and it was so hard. But yes, you've learned to take care of yourself, which means we can be together on even ground. For the love of God, just give me a chance. These six months have been awful and lonely." You lean against the door frame with your arms crossed. You're not ready to resume where you left off. "Do you think I wasn't lonely? I was heartbroken. You dumped me without a moments notice and couldn't even say it to my face. What a man." He sighs. "I know. I was pitiful. Please. I just want to try again. Once more. Give me a chance. I want to date a more independent you. Our relationship will go farther this way. It'll be stronger and I believe we'll both be happier." You look down and weigh your options. You miss him. And you've been wanting this, deep down you knew he was truly the one. You've been turning guys down left and right, in hopes that he'd come back to you eventually. He says he wants to try. And you can't hold it against him that he left you if you stressed him out constantly. This time apart has opened your eyes and given you space to grow. It was probably for the best. Even if he did end it in the worst way possible. You sigh. "I don't know." "I love you. I need you in my life. I need you to bring the color back to my world." You smile a little. "You're like a hallmark card." He gives a small smile, even a small one is beautiful on him. "To be honest, I did read that on a card." You smack him on the shoulder. "As if you admit that! You're such a dork." "But it's the truth. I'm not just saying it to say it. I mean it. You made me feel like the world was more alive." You pause for a moment. "We can try again." As soon as you say that last word, he grabs you up in his arms and hugs you so tightly you can barely breathe. "Thank God! I don't know what I'd have done if you'd have slammed the door in my face. I'd have probably come back tomorrow actually. I'd have kept bothering you." "I can believe that." He tries to give you a kiss, but you turn and he kisses your cheek. He pouts a bit. "What's with that?" "I'm still not too happy, give me time before you start putting your lips on me." "Fine, fine. We'll take it slow. I'm just excited to be back together." You nod and smile. "Me too." You hug him back and you stand there hugging for a few minutes until he breaks the silence. "Weren't you watching something?" You let go and run back to your living room. "Shut the door and get in here! I'm watching the basketball game and Oakland is..." You get to the TV and see the score. "They're winning! Hurry up!" He shuts the door and removes his shoes. He comes and sits by you on the couch. He smiles watching you getting so excited at everything. "I'm glad to be here with you." You look at him and he has a goofy, reminiscent look on his face. "Me too." He puts his arm around you and your relationship starts anew.

Hope you had fun!

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