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One day Yoyo and June saw something that broke their heart.
June saw his Jinhwan dancing with another man. O//O Jinnie what are you doing!
While Yoyo saw him Donghyuk flirting with none other than his twin O.O!
At first they could only remember the times they spent with each other.
But after quickly consoling each other they came up with a plan.
They would make them mess with them the same way.
@LinnyOk 😂😂 right but he always runs back to him as soon as he sees June with someone else and he gets jealous.
@Sammie99522 very good theory kekekeke we all know Jinwhan is a flirt so good luck June holding him down
@Sammie99522 I agree haha Yundong is so hard not to ship! xD
I agree with Yunhyeong...Donghyuk is the hottest member lol (me being biased)
@xoxorittie I think yunchan is cute but more like brothers, but I ship yundong so much xD
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