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EXO held a special live broadcast streaming prior to their album release in which each members spent individual time with their fans. DuringChanyeol‘s solo stream, the singer was caught swearing and his reaction to his slip up has fans up in arms. Originally aired on June 6th, Chanyeol produced a track on the spot with the help of EXO-Ls who gave suggestions for the lyrics. Together, artist and fan created a beautiful short track which he later shared on his Instagram. During the live streaming, the EXO member accidentally did something to his computer file, exclaiming “Oh shit!”, quickly catching his remark and covering his mouth in shock, apologizing for the slip up with fans stating he was in that shocking state for over five minutes. Fans were quickly forgiving, however, feigning ignorance as they claimed, “We don’t have any ears.”  Meanwhile, EXO has already begun their official promotions of their double title track “Monster” and “Lucky One.”
its okay chanyeol I curse all the time by accident
@MaeLyn yes! he was so adorable haha he looked like a little kid who accidentally cussed in front of his parents lol
He is too cute!!! We forgive you! Him trying to cover up his mistake and apologizing right away just made him even more adorable.
that's me when my moms in the room
@AlmaRangel Omg his reaction to his little slip up is adorable. 😚
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