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Chapter 2
Jacqueline POV
On my way to my mom I saw she was really pissed and I didn’t know why until I saw the woman’s face. I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to come after so many years. Why was she here, why now? She had no right to be here not after doing that to Jackson. I was finally with my omma “omma who’s this is she your friend?” I asked but I knew who it was I had seen her on pictures but my omma didn’t know I knew.
“Uh…oh umm... She’s just someone who bumped into me and was apologizing. But she’s leaving Right?!!” my omma said
“Right sorry again I wasn’t looking where I was going” the lady said she lean closer to my omma and whispered something to her. After whispering in my omma’s ear the lady left
“Omma did you get hurt?” I asked
“Ani, Nan gwaenchanh-a don’t worry” my omma said
“Omma I…umm... I know who she is I’ve known since I was 13” I said to my omma
“WHAT... how come you never said anything” my omma said shocked “please promise me you won’t tell Jackson him omma was here he doesn’t know about her” my omma said
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell him we may not be blood related but I still love him like an oppa but don’t tell him that please” I said
Time skip
It’s been 3 month already since I saw that guy. But unfortunately he wasn’t the one I thought he was. However I do remember who he is.
Flash back~~~~~
“hyung can you bring back some snacks back from the store please” bambam and yugyeom at the same time
“Ok but this is the last time ok” said JB to both magnaes
On his way home from the store he saw a group of girls bullying one girl he didn’t give it much attention until he say that the group of girls were starting to push the other girl around he felt something that he never felt towards any other girl. He felt the erg to protect her even though he didn’t know who she was. But after debating whether he should help her or not he decided to help her.
Girl #1: Yah!! How many times have we told you stay away from our oppa don’t come near him you’ll just destroy his image
Girl #2: you’re so pathetic you have to act like one of the guys just to go near them and hang out with them
Girl #3: so pitiful so useless so unwanted
Girl #4: well what do you expect from someone like you who has never had a boyfriend at all
Jacqueline: why do you say that you don’t know me or my past so why don’t you back the fuck off before I fuck you up!!!
Girl #5: yeah right like if you can . You’re just a nobody and a nobody like you just shuts the fuck up and doesn’t do shit got it
Jacqueline: you little peas of shi….t
Jacqueline was interrupted by a voice creaming at the girls
“Yah what do you think you’re doing to her leave her alone” scream JB
“You’re you?” said girl #1
“Just keep on walking this has nothing to do with you” said girl #4
“It has a lot to do with me I'm her boyfriend….” What am I doing JB thought to himself?
“So why don’t you just back the fuck off and leave my girl alone got it. Jagi are you ok did you wait long for me? I'm sorry but I'm here now so let’s go ok” said JB to Jacqueline
She looked at JB with a face that said ‘who are you and why are you doing this’ JB got the hint lean close to her face and pretended to kiss her but he just said fallow along ok just fallow my lead
“Uh… yeah lets go I'm getting bore there’s nothing interesting here *looking at the group of girls* what took you so long babe” I can’t believe I just use and heard the 2 words I hate the most
Both Jacqueline and JB started to walk away from the girls with linked hands. After 10 minutes Jacqueline pulled away and gave a death glare to JB
Jacqueline: What was that about she asked kind of mad
Who are you anyways? Are….you…..
JB: that’s right that’s me
Jacqueline: A pervert?!!!!! You are aren’t you?
JB : What!!!!! No
I'm JB from Got7 don’t you know me? Or Got7?
Jacqueline: No sorry I'm too into kpop so I only know a few groups but your group is not one of them sorry
It was silent for a moment until he spoke
JB : but you know ,you can always check me…I mean my group out. Not to brag or anything but we’re really famous
Jacqueline: oh ok I’ll check it out………….mm thanks for the help even though you didn’t had to help I had it under control
JB: yeah sure you looked scared so I thought I could help you ou……
Jacqueline: I didn’t need your help I could off handle it ok. But what’s done is done so why don’t you keep on going your way and I’ll go my way ok…bye
I turned around and started to walk away but was pull back by my arm and landed onto a very firm chest I started feel my cheeks getting red. Pulled away and yelled at him
Jacqueline: Yaish what are you doing! You are a pervert because otherwise why would you pull my arm like that?
JB: M... mwo? I'm not a pervert!
Jacqueline: if you’re not a pervert then why would you pull me like that! Hu Mr. Pervert
JB: Yah-ish I told you I'm not a pervert and I only did that to ask you something ok. Plus you haven’t thanked me properly for saving you and getting you out of the situation
Jacqueline: I never asked for your help ok. You chose to help me so don’t expect me to thank you properly ok Mr. Pervert
JB: Don’t call me that I'm not a pervert got it. Anyways I just wanted to know your name
Jacqueline: why would I tell you my name?
JB: so we can be friends since I saved you and all
Jacqueline: I never asked you to do tha….*phone rings* hold on
I answered my phone without looking at the caller ID which was a big mistake because it was Jackson. He told me omma was waiting for the both of us near his dorm
“What!! Yah Wang Jackson don’t you dare tell omma in not with you I’ll get in trouble” I said annoyed “what do you mean I only have 10 minutes to get there!!! Jackson no te atrevas a llamar a mama entiendes. Te mato si la llamas (don’t you dare call omma got it, I’ll kill you if you do!!!!!) I’ll be right there wait for me near your dorm but don’t let anyone see you and me together got it!) I said now really annoyed
Jacqueline: hey Mr. Pervert I have to see you around by the way my name is Jacqueline, Wang Jacqueline
End of flash back~~~~
“Please omma I want to move back to Korea I'm still not use to living here in Hong Kong I don’t fit here. Omma please let me move back. And if you’re that worry I can stay wth Jackson” I lied I was planning on staying somewhere else far from Jackson but not too far just in case omma decided to visit
“Ok but you need to get a job and help your oppa around the dorm got it” said omma
“Of Corse plus I already have a job and I’ll start next week so I have to leave in 2 days so I get everything ready” I said
I was getting ready to board the plane when my omma hug me and started to cry. She wouldn’t let me until I pulled away because they were calling for the people that were going to Korea. We bid farewell and I boarded my plane when. I was so nervous that I didn’t notice that I bump into someone who was in a really bad mood.
“Sorry I wasn’t paying attention. Are you ok?” I said bowing
“Obviously you weren’t cause if you were you would off been more careful” he said really angry
“Dud relax I said I was sorry I didn’t meant to so just calmed down ok” I said now really annoyed
“Who do you think you are to ‘dud’ me I don’t even know who you are” he said “you know what I don’t have time to waste with someone like ‘you’” he said looking at me up and down
He just walked away after saying that
“what a jerk” I said
I got on the plane and was on my way home. After a few hours the plane landed. Got off the plane and was looking where was the person that was supposed to pick me up.
“he’s late great” I said
After 20 minutes I bumped into someone again I just hoped it wasn’t the jerk from
“oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention are you ok” he asked me
“uh..oh I'm ok don’t worry….o..oppa is that you?” I asked
“umm..who are you?....” he said
“it’s me oppa Jacqueline!!” I said really happy that I found him
“I'm sorry but I think you got the wrong person” he said
“Oppa it’s me. Remember me we’re friends you used to call me jack remember me know oppa” I asked kind of sad
“J….jack is it really you? I’ve missed so much how you been” he said really happy
I was about to answer when I got interrupted
“Yah Namjoon what’s taking so long we need to g…o…. you what are you doing here talking to Namjoon are you causing trouble again?”
“Oppa do you know this jerk?” I said looking at the jerk up and down
“O..oppa? Jerk? Yah who do you think you’re calling a jerk” the jerk said mad
“I'm calling you a jerk, jerk! You’re the only jerk I see here” I said giving him a death glare
“Jack calmed down ok! And yes I know this jerk” Namjoon said with smile
“Yah Namjoon who you’re calling a jerk” the jerk asked
“Ok sorry Mr. Jerk” Namjoon said now laughing
“Yah Kim Namjoon” he yelled
“OK, OK sorry” said Namjoon “this is my childhood friend Jacqueline but I call her jack and jack this jerk’s name is……
To be continued<<<<<<<<<
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