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BuzzFeed wrote an article about BTS! Here's the link: 26 Reasons You Should Be Paying ...
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Is it bad I sorta want to keep BTS to us people who already know them. I mean I love to have new army's but I don't know how to explain it. I already get teased for liking them but I'm just a bit worried the amount of hate and the amount of crazy fans will triple or just gain more. I don't know tbh. XD I'm happy though They are getting the recognition they need and deserve
I would love to work anywhere where they allowed me to make content for BTS :'((
everything in the article is 100% correct for me, this is why I love em so much. BTS fighting! :3
@Melz064 whoever wrote is obviously an ARMY and I couldn't have described them better myself. she (or he) touched on every single reason why we love BTS!
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