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As a lot of you nay have seen early today/last night some poor excuse of a human being....matter of fact a monster decided to go into a place filled with happiness,Love and not a care in the world and literally destroy everything......50 people ..50 beautiful angels lives were taken because some lowlife had nothing better to do. and 53 other beautiful people are injured some fighting for their lives as we speak all because of some jerk. and seriously I don't really touch on stuff like this because it just angers me. but these people did not deserve this it's utterly heartbreaking truly is. my heart hurts for every single person that lost their lives and ever person who is fighting for their lives as well as those who are now traumatized after such an experience. I just want it to stop. so i not only ask for you guys to just keep everyone in your prayers and send positive vibes their way but to pray for @bbxgd aka my twin. family members very close to her were at the club last night and family members haven't heard from them . so all i ask religious or not just send positive energy as well as prayers her way and to all of the families effected last night
I'm just so baffled by all of the violence literally Friday night a beautiful human being was murdered , doing what she loved , sharing her amazing energy and love with fans she adored more than life itself , just murdered by some lowlife who had no heart no remorse nothing ....to simply take a young woman's life for no reason what so ever is just disgusting ....Florida is just in need of soo much prayer , anything positivity love .....makes me not want to live in America in this world in general ...
@KellyOConnor @TaraJenner Thank you ladies... My Cosins are SAFE.. ๐Ÿ’™
Thanks for your card. I live in Florida and the emotions are palpable. As hard as it is to do, I am also praying for those who have murderous intent because if their hearts are changed from evil to good it will serve to decrease the violence and terror the most. I will say that it is the twisted heart of people behind the guns that need to be fixed the most. Blessings your way and for your family. I hope you hear good news soon. ITMT may you have a peace that goes beyond understanding in this situation.
I hope her loved ones are safe. I can't even image the horror of not knowing if someone you love is safe or not. It's a dark day for all today that something so horrific can still happen anywhere.