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To all starlight's: it's unfortunate to say that it seems our Leo has hurt his ankle once again. This photo is from the last curtain call for Mata Hari, where Leo stood with a stool and said goodbye to fans with a soft cast on his leg. From the way it sounds, it seems something fell backstage and Leo's leg got caught in it. Thankfully, he's going to be okay. There are no breaks or fractures and his injury should heal quickly. I pray that Leo has a very fast recovery and is not in any pain ㅠㅠ This is the second time now this child has had an ankle injury. My baby: Your ankle is clearly not strong. Please be extra careful!!!!!
well if he didn't climb on walls we wouldn't have this problem (why do I remember this¿?)
NOOOOOO! WHY?!!! Oppa, please get well soon! Starlights are here for you. Leo oppa jjang! Leo oppa fighting!
I hope he feels better soon
This kid! so incennt!
poor Leo I hope he has fast recovery and isn't to serious
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