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The minute Eun and Jaewoon shut the door, [HN] turns and wraps you in his arms.
“This is unfortunate but we will handle it. I don’t want you to worry.”
You hide your face in his chest, eyes squeezed tight against the rolling of fear in your stomach. You mumble your fears to him,
“Not worry? How is that possible?”
You lift your head to look him in the eye, “I’ve never understood how you two were going to tell everyone anyway. Now this, this will make it harder won't it?”
You feel the slight pressure of his soft lips against your forehead.
“In most cases they would expect us to sue them for malicious lies. The fact that they aren’t lies means we cannot sue them, at least not for that.”
He shifts and pulls you up with him, “We need to get dressed so we can get in touch with the lawyers. They’ve wasted enough time and if nothing else, I’ll sue their asses for procrastination and deliberate delay tactics”.
You look over while pulling your shirt on, “You can really do that?”
He smiles, trying to lighten the mood. “Why not? People sue fast food restaurants for making them fat, I think our case holds more water.”
“Holds more water?” You look at him questioningly then laugh, “I think you mean it holds more ground”.
He purses his lips and thinks a minute, shrugs. “Perhaps. However, I’m thinking there is a leak somewhere and for that, you need water.”
Fifteen minutes later the two of you have joined Eun and Jaewoon in the living room. Eun is pacing the floor, talking rapidly and angrily into the phone. [HN] deposits you on the couch, walks over and removes the phone from her hand.
“When you’ve found who in your office is leaking privileged information to the media call us back. And one more thing, not only had we better hear from you within the next hour but you had better be working on damage control. I’d really hate to see an established law office go under because they can’t control their employees.”
He shuts her cell phone and hands it back to her. She looks at him in shock.
“You really think it was a leak from their office?”
He opens the newspaper and shows her the pictures.
“Out of all these couples, why would they suddenly focus on our guests in the scarce few minutes that we were actually with them? No one puts anything together that fast, someone was told to watch for it.”
She falls back into a seat, her hand to her chest. “Why would they want to do that to us?”
“It isn’t anything to do with us; it’s all to do with selling their papers and creating a sensation. They don’t care about us or who else they hurt.”
He kneels down in front of her and takes her hand.
“It’s time to call your parents. We’re going to need them and their power on our side.”
She nods numbly and begins dialing. Jaewoon gets up and stands behind her to offer support.
[HN] stands, “We can head over to your parents as soon as they are ready to receive us.”
He turns to face you, “I’ll ask that you stay in. With your face out there, paparazzi will be vicious and stalking the apartments. You have everything you need for the day or do I need to send someone out to grab a few things?”
You shake your head, “No, I'm good thanks.”
He nods, takes out his own cell phone and excuses himself to make his own calls.
Within the hour [HN] and Eun are headed to her parents with Jaewoon. It is decided it is better to leave you out of it for now. Since Jaewoon and Eun are already married, he needs to be there. What they fear the most is her parents response; the fact that she married Jaewoon after they denied them the right to date as teenagers. Since her parents love [HN] and respect him as a son, he is going to be the buffer and help explain the situation. Her parents will shut out her explanations as soon as she tells then that she's married. About twenty minutes after they leave you receive a call from [HN]’s phone, but it's Jaewoon, since [HN] is driving.
“I’m to let you know that the lawyers finalized the paperwork. We are stopping there first to pick it up and take it with us to Eun’s parents. They didn’t say anything about the leak so he still wants you to stay inside and not answer the door.”
“Sounds good. Tell him not to worry so much. The door is locked, I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know and the curtains are drawn. I feel like I’m in witness protection but all’s good.”
Jaewoon laughs, “Very good. I will let him know. I’m sure he will call you when we are done at Eun’s parents. However, we aren’t sure exactly how long will take; it could be several hours.”
“Got it. Drive safe, tell him I love him.”
You hang up and decide it’s the perfect time to binge watch a K drama. You find Descendants of the Sun and start with episode one.
By episode ten you look up at the clock. It’s now past dinnertime; surely her parents aren’t being that stubborn about the situation. Seriously what could they do? She is already married and has legal documents breaking the arranged marriage. They could disown her which would break her heart and spirit but she is well established and doesn’t need their money. You check your phone to make sure it hasn’t died and that you haven’t missed any calls.
After episode 12 you’re starting to get scared and worried. You try [HN]’s number but it just rings and rings. You send him a couple of texts; if they are still discussing things hopefully he can respond that way.
Halfway through episode 13 your phone rings. [HN]’s name appears and you let out a sigh of relief.
“Are you trying to kill me? I’ve been worried sick.”
“Who is this?”
You stop and your heart freezes in your chest. It is not [HN]'s voice.
"Who are you and why are you answering [HN]'s phone?"
“Are you some relation to him? We finally located the ringing phone but all it says is "My Love" on the caller ID. Would that be you?"
You swallow, fear gripping you tightly, you can’t seem to catch your breath and your head is beginning to pound.
“Who is this?!?!”
“This is Lieutenant Choi of the Seoul National Police. Again, what is your relationship to Mr [HN] and his passengers?”
You feel lightheaded and are afraid you're going to throw up. You manage to whisper, "I'm his girlfriend. Is he dead? Why do you have his phone?"
For starting out in a whisper, hysterics are setting in and you are now practically screaming at the policeman.
“This is a conversation better to be had in person, where are you located and I will send an officer over.”
“Just answer me! Is he dead?!"
“Not when he let the scene. He and his passengers have been taken to Sahmyook Medical Center. Now give me your location, one of my officers can come collect you, explain the situation and take you to the hospital.”
Now I know why I've been subconsciously delaying this....#whentheauthorcries
why just why would you out a twist like that 😭😭😭 after all they'be been through and now this 😢😭😭😭 are trying to kill me from the feels I don't think I'll be able to make it to the next chapter but I have too I need to know please what's going to happen next I really can't wait 😓😵😢😢😭😭
Omg!! Nooo this can't be!!! 😨😢
😨😨😨 can you please tag me? I really don't want to miss any of this.
...... 😨 .... 😢 ...... 😭😭 Please update as quickly as you're able. (If life happens, I'll understand, but still!)
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