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@ZephyrBlaze I don't think is that is like that. I think is more about style... but maybe that's only me
@cardboardart No DC comics has NOT been more dark than marvel, Superman's costume is a mix of Bright blue, red, and yellow. Superman, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Shazam, and Robin/Nightwing are constantly cracking jokes quips and making light of everything. The only reason DC has a "dark" theme to it LATELY is because of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, while the tone on DC has been heavier with death more aparrent both are LITERALLY on the same level with different fan bases
@ZephyrBlaze @lexysan it is more of a style thing. DC has always been more dark than Marvel. Take the logos for example, the Marvel logo is bright red and white with pictures of different heroes while the DC logo is more cool colors aka blue and sometimes black or gray. Both are awesome, though.
The new DBZ I don't want to see....it'll ruin my childhood
I hope this isn't that DC is better than marvel thing I'm tired of those arguments -.- 馃槕馃槖 although black Goku is a BEAST no denying tha