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I found this article on soompi earlier today. I never expected to find an article like this, but here we go! Let me know if you want me to post any of these to vingle!
Posted: June 9, 2016
Miss Wanted (click the title for the link)
Written by: dbskgirl4ever
Starring: Teen Top, OC
Description: Six juvenile convicts who have nothing to do with each other will team up together to help prove one girl's innocence in the name of friendship and... love.
Written by: Goddess
Starring: Infinite L, OC
Description: When there are two sisters, one of them is bound to be not as pretty, not as interesting, not as popular, not as attractive... not as everything.
When two sisters are put together and you're not the one that shines, what would happen?
What happens if you're... The Dull One?
Written by: Loviet
Starring: GOT 7's Jackson, OC
Description: Wolves mate for life. Werewolves mate for eternity. What happens when one wolf doesn't want to mate?
Written by: Exoism
Starring: EXO's Chanyeol, EXO's Baekhyun, OC
Description: Song Joori receives a diary of a boy who loved her. The catch? He's dead.
Written by: dbskgirl4ever
Starring: Block B's Zico, OC
Description: Your life became even more dangerous with the arrival of 7 new boys who call themselves Block B.
Written by: dbskgirl4ever
Starring: JYJ's Jaejoong, OC
Description: Four Elites. Three Best Friends. Two People That Can't Stand Each Other. One Crazy Arranged Marriage.
Written by: Wynter
Starring: EXO, OC
Description: What happens when you're thrown into a world and a war you never knew existed?
Written by: Sabooo
Starring: EXO, OC
Description: In our world there are only masters and warriors. Which do you belong to?
Written by: Blackyellow
Starring: BTS's V, OC
Description: Tomorrow was going to be your first day of school... when you hear that two new boys are also going to transfer to your school. If you had to choose, you would choose the second boy... but fate arranged for you to be with the first one.
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I've read some of these XD
and don't forget '10080' (chanbaek) 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
I wanna say I've seen the teen top one... But even if I haven't I know how I'm gonna spend the next few days 馃榿馃榿馃榿
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