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LGBT Pride Playlist

In light of the tragedy in Orlando, I want to make sure that everyone in this community regardless of your sexual orientation, your religious beliefs, or your political opinions, knows that you're loved.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved, to live their lives how they wish, and to feel safe being themselves.

Here are a few songs of encouragement, and I hope that anyone affected (which, really, should be all Americans) find peace.

Amber - Borders

Stand up, fall down, up again
Up against the pressure I am in
Slowly but surely I begin
Jumping trains ‘cause I know I can win
I know there’s a plan
So thick the fog but
I know I can trust
The feelings that
I feel when the roads rough

Park Jungmin - Not Alone

I can believe I’m not alone
Not alone now, not sad anymore
and I can feel it I’m not alone
Definitely not alone, never be exhausted again

Song Jieun - Don't Look At Me Like That

Don’t look at me like that
We’re just in love, that’s all
Don’t hate on us, however you’re viewing us
We’re just a little different
Just leave us alone
Can’t we live in a world where time stands still?
Why? Why not?
We did nothing wrong
Why? Why not?
We’re so in love

Ailee - Heaven

You taught me love in this harsh world I am happy with you alone
Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven
If we're together we will never cry never never cry
Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven
Forever, together never gonna be alone

BTS - Save Me

Listen to my heartbeat
It calls you whenever it wants to
Because within this pitch black darkness
You are shining so brightly

Go spread love today, and every day.

I was just talking to BB about this, and she said that a couple of her cousins where in the area of the shoot, so we have been praying for them to be ok. And just recently she got a notice from one of the officers that her cousins were ok, and not injured. They were hiding in a safe house
@DeniseiaGardner I found out and legit started crying. Why the hell would some one do that? Some parents don't even know if their kids are alive or not.
Ok so apart from now officially becoming a fan of Park Jungmin, I have to say I am a proud Pansexual and my heart goes out to the victims of this heartbreaking occurrence...
As a LGBT member this got me like YAAAASSS XD to the songs I went back and read what happened. My heart goes out to those affected
I think it's sad that it takes 50+ dead victims in the WORST shooting in our history for people to care and reach out to the LGBT community. It's times like this when I'm reminded that this community will NEVER be equal and free. Hate is everlasting.
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