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At the library you start looking up books that discuss intuition and telepathy. You really don’t think that those are what exists between the two of you but figure it would be nice to know a little bit more of what they intel. After an hour you’re ready to leave; everything is telling you the exact same thing and it is of no help at all.
Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately; or an instinctive feeling rather than reasoning.
Telepathy: mind reading, thought transference, ESP.
It’s all exasperating and you feel like you've just wasted your time. You send Leo a text to see if he is still at the studio.
YOU: Done early. Found nothing. Still at the studio?
LEO: Yes, here a little longer. Come here?
YOU: Have you eaten?
LEO: No, I’m busy.
YOU: I’ll bring food. See you soon.
You’ve figured him out enough now to know that he won’t reply to that, why waste an effort when you already know what he will say? His literal take on life is adorable and refreshing in some ways, irritating on the best of days.
As you head out of the library, you turn your head to put your phone away and run straight into a body. She just stands there and stares at you; embarrassed you try to soothe it over.
“I’m so sorry. I turned away just for a minute, please excuse me.”
You bow, side step and make your way out the doors.
In the glass door reflection you can see that she has turned and is watching you leave. You don’t have a bad feeling about her, it just seems really weird. Did you hurt her? If so why didn’t she say something? You mentally shrug and continue on your way.
You stop at a deli on the way to the studio and pick up enough food for the two of you to share. He didn’t say Ravi was with him, for a minute you question whether you should order just a little bit more. While you're waiting in line, your texts goes off.
LEO: No, it is just me here. Did something happen?
You let out a little laugh and shake your head; this is definitely going to take getting used to.
YOU: Good to know, thanks. Oh, just almost ran someone over leaving the library. I swear the hall was clear and when I put my phone away I almost knocked her over. I apologized but she just stared at me and then watched me leave. Weird.
LEO: How close are you?
YOU: Just waiting for the order at the deli up the street, why?
LEO: I’ll be right there, wait for me.
YOU: I’m perfectly fine honey, it was just weird.
LEO: Stay. Put.
Well, alright then. You pick up the order and wait at one of the little tables outside. He arrives just a few minutes later. He helps you up and gives you a hello kiss.
You pull back and smile, patting his chest.
“Honestly honey, I would have been fine to get there on my own. She didn’t scare me, it was just the way she stared at me was kind of weird."
He’s staring at you in almost the same way the girl did. You lift your eyebrows in question as he takes your hand from his chest and kisses it.
“That's the second time you've called me Jagi."
It takes you a minute to realize that honey must mean Jagi in Korean. You lean up and rub your lips against his.
“Well, aren’t you?”
His eyes and face light up with your comment. He takes you by the hand and the two of you head back to the studio. Since he will be eating and working once you get there you decide to try and make conversation now.
“Are you working on your song?”
He simply nods so you try again.
“How far have you gotten? Are you still putting the music to paper or have you started the lyrics?”
“The music was put to paper the day we heard it. I’m almost done with the lyrics; I’ll play it for you.”
“I would like that,” you smile and look around while waiting for the walk signal. A movement to your left catches your eye and you turn to see the girl from the library. You turn back to the street, it has to be coincidence; you’ve probably passed her many times before and just never paid her attention. You turn to look again and find she is staring straight at you and Leo.
“Which one is she?” Leo whispers in your ear.
Hmm....perhaps she is the mate of N....or one of the others
Wth...Eww creeper alert!
I love his intuition/mind reading😄
omg who is she! IS IT N GIRL!!!! If so that would be awesome!
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