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I don't normally share hair products but when I do I make sure I personally test it or someone i know has experience with it.
Recently, I spoke with a friend who just recently graduated and is spending the summer as a lifeguard back at home. Lifeguard may sound like an easy job but it's more than sitting on the beach chair. in addition to being responsible for the pool safety, the job requires her to wash her hair more often than she'd like.
You probably know this but there is chlorine in pool water and dipping your hair in that everyday can fade your hair color and strip moisture off your hair. In that case, shampooing daily is not a great idea but she has to for the sake of getting that chemical off her hair.
Despite washing her hair 5 times a week, her hair still looks soft and bouncy. I can't help but asked her what product she's been using. She recommended Lait Lavant A La Banane a gentle formula made from milk, banana, tea tree oil, protein, and hibiscus. It doesn't lather much but it cleans your hair well and gives it volume and shine.
Good for any hair type.
Other useful info:
Natural Ingredients, SLS Free, Silicone Free, Paraben Free, Coal Tar Free, Color Safe, Cruelty Free
It's on the pricy side ($45), but if you shampoo daily it is worth it to invest in a product that does not damage your hair.